Health Security Solutions: Enabling High-level Competency, Professionalism and Expertise in Health S

Steve Spearman, Founder and Chief Security Officer
Healthcare industry requires hi-end security solutions for ensuring safety of patients, staff as well as visitors, further ensuring untarnished reputation for industry players. Health safety is also essential as a cost item. Whether it is a hospital, research center, trauma-centers or healthcare university, the effectiveness of security solutions depends entirely on the service provider selected.

Alleviating the trouble of searching for the most apt health security provider is Health Security Solutions, a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) consulting and managed services company providing an ordered and facilitated approach to HIPAA compliance as well as data management.

Health Security Solutions (HSS) aims to assist organizations in minimizing and mitigating the financial,legal and compliance risks associated with running enterprises in the healthcare sector.
The services available at HSS include HIPAA Security Risk scrutiny, evaluation and Security managing planning, Security Officer Services, and many other specific IT services like managed firewalls, encryption, e-mail hosting, backup and disaster recovery, and security training. HSS stands out among the other typical security providers with years of proficiency in both HIPAA/HITECH compliance and information technology. The services are oriented towards reducing the risks in network outages, data breaches, fines, along with civil and criminal liability possibilities in non-compliance. In addition, the exceptional knowledge in technical aspects, security and bandwidth enables effective management of security compliance.

The firm, headquartered in South Carolina has great plans for the future and aims to continue enabling expertise, under the leadership of Steve Spearman, Founder and Chief Security Officer, in combined management of Networking and IT so that they remain compliant with the HITECH and HIPAA regulations.

Health Security Solutions

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Steve Spearman, Founder and Chief Security Officer

A provider of support and technology to protect patient’s sensitive information.