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Steve Clute, President and CEO
Healthcare technology companies are racing to build efficiency, accuracy, and simplicity that helps providers achieve the highest outcomes possible at the lowest cost. At the same time they must understand and create to fit a multitude of use cases, resources, categories, capabilities, legal requirements and financial conditions to be desirable. They must be attractive to the consumers and capable of empowering leadership and staff to adapt and deliver painlessly. Tech leaders are like Ferrari engineers and act with knowledge, innovation, and passion to maximize performance for the people who drive them. Like a race car, a case management suite must be easy to use, reliable, fitted to the race, and created to move in rhythm with all the wheels driving the healthcare organization. If all the moving pieces are not in sync, technology companies lose, just like race cars.

Technologies take organizations forward. It is imperative that all the moving pieces of an organization work together. If even one technology does not conform, it can blow the engine just like putting the wrong fuel in a race car. A simple mistake like that can put an organization behind and cause lots of harm to all of its drivers, passengers and team members. To avoid such problems and to capitalize on opportunities, healthcare companies need technology solutions that can synchronize seamlessly with user needs, use cases, workflows and company goals. HealtheFirst promises to fulfill on this with its robust, chameleonic, case management solutions, which are customized and personalized according to the unique categorical and operational needs of its clients.

“What makes us unique is that we created HealtheFirst with case management clients—for case management clients. Everyone begged us to build with user friendly simplicity and functional adaptability. This is the focus of our solutions. We ensure the most fitted and highest quality experience for our partners (clients),” says Steve Clute, president and CEO of HealtheFirst. The vision of the company is to help team members enjoy their work so that administrators work less, companies win more—thereby, mitigating patient readmission, eliminating errors, optimizing services, and increasing provider profitability. We automate to eliminate redundancy, adapt to conform to practice operating models, and assure delivery of proper and uniform care. HealtheFirst guides case management companies to understand weaknesses and problems, discern their operational strengths and to integrate relevant solutions to streamline workflow and bring dollars to the bottom line.

With HealtheFirst’s HIPAA-compliant SaaS software, case management providers can improve their service scheduling, documentation, patient management, reimbursement, payroll, and audits. The solution uses a simple user interface and seamless, data-based intelligence automation. Companies can facilitate and even test unique business processes inside HealtheFirst. The web-enabled business model of HealtheFirst eliminates maintenance and management of expensive hardware. Doing all the company’s practice management on this SaaS model enables leaders to rest easier with the operation of their company.

HealtheFirst was built with the user in mind. With one click, clients can access the engaging and intuitive user interface that offers a wide range of capabilities. The intuitive flow, color-coordinated dashboard, including warnings, notices, reminders, alongside budget tracking capabilities, enable administrators to be constantly aware of company priorities and needs. Intelligent workforce management and scheduling are high value services.
Service delivery and patient management are done using screens designed for users with no technical training or knowledge. “New services” can be added from anywhere. We fit the documentation library to the unique needs of any company with all word processing features and voice to text in the documentation and client notes. There is a management tool for team services delivery and HIPAA-compliant communications is available for team members, clients and caregivers. Audit responses are done with a single click, and we easily manage billings. The technology can do all reimbursement models, including direct billing. For case management groups who want to interface directly with patients and/or caregivers for scheduling, communicating, sharing patient details and outcomes, there is a patient portal that is integrated into the company’s web portal or accessed independently through HealtheFirst’s portal. HealtheFirst continues to adapt to fulfill needs across the spectrum of case management with simplicity and effectiveness at the core of its values.

What makes us unique is our involvement and transparency in helping partners by delivering simplicity and adaptability while empowering and ensuring the highest quality of experience for them and all of their team members

Elaborating on the effectiveness of the HealtheFirst solutions, Clute cites an instance where a client was managing hundreds of customers. The client was leveraging a solution that combined different platforms to manage various requirements and processes, including financial management and communications. When approached by the client, HealtheFirst conducted a SWOT assessment of the client’s business operations and workflow. The analysis revealed high-cost points, risk factors, lost revenues and major opportunities for revenue and profit growth amongst other concerns. To help the company, HealtheFirst developed and adapted to fit the business model and specific needs of the client. The solution was up and running within two months of the first communication. The results were amazing and in the first 90 days of operation; the client reported a 60 percent growth in their bottom-line profit. It was all achieved through problem recognition, efficiency, knowledge and accountability of care providers and administrators.

HealtheFirst has been acclaimed by many more such clients who have witnessed unparalleled success after incorporating the platform. HealtheFirst has become a one-stop solution for case management companies. Fueled by fresh opportunities, HealtheFirst is collaborating with influencers in the case management sector and expanding its reach in the healthcare arena. We focus all the efforts of HealtheFirst on enhancing the case management and healthcare landscape. With the rising need to provide affordable services to the underprivileged, manage the needs of many with limited resources and to give owners and operators of both for profit and not for profit the ability to succeed this comes as a natural responsibility for the company. “We want to grow in our ability to empower companies in delivering high-quality care to those who need it but do not possess high capacity to reimburse for it,” concludes Clute.


Edina, Minnesota

Steve Clute, President and CEO

HealtheFirst delivers robust technological solutions designed to help case management companies in optimizing care and increasing profitability. The HIPAA compliant, SaaS software of HealtheFirst offers proven outcomes, including increased revenue, reduced costs, and improved administrative efficiency. The HealtheFirst team possesses extensive expertise in innovating case management, healthcare, and technology fields. The company leverages customer feedback to enhance the product, and in turn, improve the business. With its unique value proposition, the company seeks to enhance simplicity and adaptability of its solutions, thus delivering the highest quality of experience