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Mark Anderson, President & COO As a personal and quick source of information, Google—the search engine—has become an integral part of life in the 21st century. Ask a question about anything in this universe—no matter how conventional or bizarre—and Google provides millions of results for the same. However, not all of these search results are relevant to the question asked and not always do they provide precise, contextual answers. The reason behind such irrelevant search results is that most search engines, including Google, are based on machine learning algorithms, adopting statistical approaches and using historical patterns to arrive at a conclusion. These systems rely on natural language processing and generally lack the ability to understand a problem the way humans do, as they lack “Common Sense”.

To enable machines to think and act like a human brain as well as provide users with insights and conclusions beyond the traditional algorithmic data processing techniques, Texas-based HealthPointe Solutions has developed an array of offerings powered by cognitive intelligence. “Our objective is to implement these solutions in healthcare to improve the overall health and well being of consumers by modernizing their interactions with practitioners,” states Mark Anderson, President and COO, HealthPointe Solutions.

As opposed to just machine or deep learning, which are black-box processes, HealthPointe provides a layer of innovation and cognitive understanding coupled with machine and deep learning algorithms for human-like judgment. The company’s out-of-the-box cognitive intelligence solutions are capable of solving problems that traditional AI systems can’t, by learning and reasoning simultaneously and, in turn, leading users to make better clinical, wellness and lifestyle decisions. To assist physicians in providing more accurate diagnosis along with helping patients better manage their health, HealthPointe has developed an integrated population and digital health platform— Collaborate—that profoundly understands the intricacies of healthcare. Uncertain, ambiguous, or even contradictory information doesn’t cause this platform to freeze up, but rather leads to alternative plausible answers, each with its own pro and con arguments.

“Ask the platform how good a blood glucose level of 230 is, and it would revert with questions that seek more information to precisely answer your query. ‘Did you test your blood sugar at home or a lab?’, ‘When did you have your last meal?’, and so on,” says Anderson. It acts like an intelligent digital assistant that interacts with the patient through speech, text, or touch and infers whether the glucose level is acceptable. If it isn’t, then the assistant digs deep into the patient’s diabetes care plan as well as other treatment protocols to recommend a rescue plan in order to bring the blood sugar back under control. Such a confluence of machine learning and cognitive intelligence is perfectly tailored to overcome one of the major challenges in the healthcare industry, which is to improve the patient-physician relationship for more effective treatment between visits.

Universal Health Knowledge Cloud

HealthPointe’s inception was predominantly inspired by the need to bridge the communication gap between patients and physicians, bring down the overall costs of treatments, improve experience in each health community and ensure that patients benefit optimally from their interactions with healthcare professionals. To achieve these targets, HealthPointe recognized the importance of automating the way patients interact with not just providers but every healthcare entity outside the physician’s office that helps them efficiently manage their health.
As a result, the company created a giant universal health knowledge cloud that encompasses various transactional systems and coding protocols existing in the healthcare space. HealthPointe’s Collaborate cloud platform provides practitioners with precise medical procedures, genetic medicine repositories, end-to-end population healthcare planning for disease management, decision support capabilities, medication management, digital monitoring and more.

Provides solutions to modernize interactions between physicians and patients with cognitive intelligence along with delivering personalized consumer-focused care for individuals in each local market

As healthcare professionals generally find it difficult to ensure whether patients are regularly adhering to their treatment recommendations, HealthPointe has integrated its cloud platform with various treatment protocols and cognitive intelligence to provide a rich and unified experience to patients.“It is a thinking system to the core, relying both on algorithms and knowledge along with being aware of the fact that it needs certain information from patients to deliver clinical decision support like a physician or health coach would,” adds Anderson. The health knowledge cloud platform also remains connected with a patient’s treating physician in real time, thus assuring compliance with clinical protocols, and in turn, better care for patients.

Integrated Population and Digital Health System

How a physician manages a treatment, how a patient responds to the care provided and also the choices with regard to various real-time clinical decisions determine the overall effectiveness of the care provided. HealthPointe bolsters this interoperability between physicians and patients with its integrated population and digital health system—Collaborate—both at the point of care as well as outside the healthcare provider’s office. Not only does Collaborate foster clinical decision support through cognitive understanding but it also features two-way interoperability between physicians’ workflows including electronic medical records (EMRs). As a result, providers’ care plans are connected with HealthPointe’s population health knowledge base and delivered through a highly personalized global mobile experience, thus allowing patients to follow their doctors’ orders between clinical visits. It also enables physicians to keep track of whether the patients regularly adhere to their directions using class-1 monitoring devices and medication adherence alerts.

The integrated population and digital health system, ‘Collaborate’ consists of three solutions: Acuity, Percept, and Clarity. While Acuity is an advanced AI platform that identifies diseases, creates personal profiles and helps to make more transparent health status through the health and wellness knowledge cloud through better morbidity profiles of the patients that physicians are interacting with, Percept integrates these analytical insights with providers’ workflows. “We build a data bridge to connect providers’ clinical systems and treatment paths with health and wellness improvement plans and active monitoring for adherence that patients need between visits. In turn, moving the consumer experience from episodic to durational health is essential,” adds Anderson. Furthermore, Clarity is where the return on investment (ROI) and value demonstration is delivered, allowing physicians to track the progress and performance of their care plans. Moreover, ‘Collaborate’ transitions patient-physician interaction from a single event-driven process to durational health improvement, and most importantly, creates an effective experience for patients outside the walls of the doctor’s office.
In addition to enabling patients to better manage their health between visits to same or different disparate physicians, ‘Collaborate’ also assists healthcare professionals in being more efficient at the point of care. By using AI to relieve physicians of the burden of several administrative tasks, HealthPointe allows them to focus more on direct patient care, thus improving the efficacy of treatments. ‘Collaborate’ boosts productivity for providers of all kinds including specialists, primary care providers, physiologists, health coaches, alternative medicine providers, and more. Furthermore, to deliver these capabilities to patients through a connected, digital health experience that is personalized, relevant, and engaging, HealthPointe offers a consumer health platform.

Platform for Personalized Care

The intuitive and easy-to-use consumer health platform that consists of coaching programs, care plan assistants, health store, holistic health profiles, secure messaging, and more is moving towards GDPR compliance by putting health information controls back with the consumer. Users are in total control of their personal health records and can disseminate these records—fully or partially—to any practitioner on HealthPointe’s platform that has over five million health practitioners enlisted in the database. Along with automated care plans, the platform features the ability to dynamically generate alerts and notifications based on various key metrics personalized for every patient. HealthPointe also provides extensive clinically curated educational content to patients in order to take any necessary action in alignment with their health goals. Patients can seamlessly add or modify their health goals in their respective profile whenever they wish to, through text, speech, or touch.

"HealthPointe’s advanced AI medical platform is capable of prescribing significantly more effective care pathways and at much lower cost to the patient"

“We have created hundreds of micro-surveys pertaining to various lifestyle diseases that contain lifestyle risk markers as well as pre-disease and lifestyle borne illness and chronic condition markers. These surveys help better understand patients’ health condition and, in turn, provide highly personalized intervention,” states Anderson. All of this information appears on a patient’s individual feed like a timeline only they can have access to unless they decide to share it. Furthermore, the consumer platform delivers highly personalized medicines by leveraging nutrient genomics along withproviding recommendations for cooking or yoga classes and other local events to improve patients’ health based on their location. HealthPointe’s consumer platform that acts as a personal health guide is soon going to be deployed at a Multi-Billion Dollar health organization as their primary application for customer enablement.
HealthPointe has formed strong partnerships with Fortune 500 organizations, allowing the company to not only boost its revenue base but also regularly validate the efficacy of its cognitive intelligent technology in the healthcare space. By successfully completing projects with many such large health organizations, the company has time and again proven its unique value proposition in the market. In addition, HealthPointe encourages its team members to devote three percent of their work time to health improvement charities along with investing three percent of profits in cash and the equivalent of three percent of profits in technology and services to give back to charitable organizations in each local community they serve.

“Our solutions are at the forefront of what we call creating a revolution in the Healthcare AI landscape, and we now plan to deploy them for organizations with millions of active users,” remarks Anderson. For HealthPointe, the upcoming year will be all about launching its core solutions within the healthcare marketplace globally and also working in collaboration with large accounts to drive distribution

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Mark Anderson, President & COO

Provides solutions to modernize interactions between physicians and patients with cognitive intelligence along with delivering personalized consumer-focused care for individuals in each local market

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