Heap: Codeless Behavioral Analytics for Marketers

Ravi Parikh, COO & Co-Founder
Picture this: your breakthrough e-commerce site or promising mobile app out-performs competitors because of better customer insights!

For many companies, out-performing competitors because of amazing analytics is still a long shot. This is often blocked by how hard it is to coordinate between marketers—, who often have the questions and the budget— and data analysts—who have the skills and the resources. This back and forth is cumbersome; companies have to wait too long between asking the question, capturing sufficient data, and closing the loop. This Gordian knot is one of the top reasons why analytics projects fail. This is where California-based Heap is redrawing the picture. With an analytics cloud service that installs in minutes, auto-captures every customer interaction, and provides retroactive, out-of-box reporting, Heap enables business leaders to answer tough questions in a matter of minutes.

Heap’s codeless approach enables any functional team within an organization— including marketing, product managers, or data analysts—to easily gain valuable insights on how prospects or customers engage. Heap does this by automatically collecting every user interaction with a company, including every tap, click, swipe, or gesture. By tracking every detail of a user’s interaction, or web-event, Heap provides more useful visibility into than the aggregate statistics legacy services offer. Now companies can group users into cohorts, and see how each class of users engages with a company in real time. Heap allows business leaders to quickly define these ‘segments’ of customers, whose behaviors can then be filtered, graphically plotted, visualized, and compared. With Heap’s Funnel analysis, marketers can measure how many users make it through a multi-step process, and provide insights into why they drop off. Advanced Retention Analysis provides insights into why customers engage and eventually churn. In effect, after installing a simple piece of code, marketers can independently conduct their marketing “Data science” experiments without being gated by engineering or data analysts.

we have pioneered the ability to automatically and retroactively track and analyze every customer touch point

And because the data sets are automatically created, data analysts are freed from the time-consuming parts of cleaning and organizing, and can focus on higher level work.

This has strong benefits in particular for e-commerce and financial services companies. A prominent online lending vendor was able to optimize their user drop-off rate for online applications and consequently increased their conversion rate. Using Heap, they were able to identify which on-page elements turned out to be unfavorable or misleading, in terms of user-friendliness. Similarly, by eliminating distracting on-page elements and redirecting user focus, one of Heap’s e-commerce clients was able to achieve a 20 percent increase in their cart checkout rate. By capturing an order of magnitude more behavioral data, and enabling rapid iteration without being gated by technical resources, marketing leaders unlock a new world of questions and answers that were previously impossible.

“Instead of building fancy visual graphs and algorithms, we have pioneered the ability to automatically and retroactively track and analyze every customer touch point,” says Ravi Pharik, COO at Heap who co-founded the company with Matin Movassate, CEO. Looking ahead, Heap’s team strives to broaden the set of customer data that can be automatically joined. “We have launched the ability to not just look at customer web data, but also combine that with e-mail marketing data, A/B testing systems, and eventually add the functionality to predict offline purchase behaviors,” concludes Parikh.


San Francisco, CA

Ravi Parikh, COO & Co-Founder and Matin Movassate, CEO & Co-Founder

With automatic and retroactive data capture, Heap delivers cutting-edge behavioral analytics for marketers and data analysts