Heartland Business Systems (HBS): Enhancing Business Initiatives with Right Technology

With the rapid proliferation of technologies and the need for constant flux in businesses, today’s CIOs are critically challenged to lead businesses with speed and embrace change for succeeding in the competitive market. The need of the hour is for information technology professionals to drive business value internally and externally through a single source that delivers complete solutions across technology disciplines. Heartland Business Systems is an IT integration firm that provides technology consulting, network integration, security, business continuity and unified communication solutions. “As a strategic partner of Cisco, we continue to deliver support and service to our loyal customers, since we are viewed as one company–a single source for consulting, design, industry expertise and delivery,” says Peter Helander, Principal at Heartland Business Systems.

HBS’s technology integration, consulting, infrastructure, business automation, and networking solutions and services supports clients in meeting their challenges right from the data center and end-point computing, to business systems, data analytics and mobility. The firm provides insights and strategies that connect the client’s business initiatives with the right technologies and context as well as a flexible consumption model that align to their business resources. With 400 HBS employed engineers, including over 40 Cisco certified engineers, the company provides the depth of technical talent required to meet all the client’s implementation goals.

Since the term, “collaboration” continues to be redefined every year from healthcare and manufacturing to retail, government, education and the commercial enterprises, the firm also offers collaboration and unified communications services to its customers for managing a reliable and secure wireless network. This helps to users to access information on or off campus; sharing information between care givers, patients and providers; or as simple as hosting a WebEx meet¬ing or Cisco Spark Room through multiple end-points. Whether on-the-clock, on campus or on call, borderless networks are now a reality; HBS assists clients of all sizes in every level of collaboration, interoperability, and technology improvements.

HBS employs dedicated technical engineers and business consultants to serve customers within the education, government, healthcare, and corporate markets with best-in-class resources, innovation and technological expertise.

As a strategic partner of Cisco, we continue to deliver service to our loyal customers, as a single source for consulting, design, industry expertise and delivery

In one instance, the School District of New London, located in East Central Wisconsin, which serves about 2500 students wanted to engage new generations of learners. They wanted to introduce bring your-own-device (BYOD) programs as well as replace each school’s private branch exchange system with a centralized unified communications system to lower ongoing cost. But before moving forward with BYOD and unified communications, the district needed to improve its network for a good wireless experience. HBS recommended Cisco Catalyst 3850 Switches and Cisco Unified Communications to centrally manage the entire network as well as support learning or administrative efficiency, like BYOD and Unified Communications. “Creating a new VLAN for our wireless access points took just a few minutes with the Catalyst 3850,” Wade Berglund, Network Administrator for the district affirms. “With our old switches the same process would have taken about two days.”

Additionally, HBS services also include: business automation services, cloud enablement & data center management, network design & security solutions, custom software & application development, video conferencing & media solutions and more. Forging ahead, as a leading provider of hardware, software and services, HBS strives to consistently rank high on national and international lists of the top technology solution providers of Cisco. To take their success one step ahead, the firm plans to bring in added values and services for the ongoing success of its clients.

Heartland Business Systems

Little Chute, WI

Peter Helander, Principal

A strategic partner of Cisco that provides technology consulting, network integration, security, business continuity and unified communication solutions