Heirloom Computing: Enterprise PaaS Transforms Mainframe Applications to Java and the Cloud

CIO VendorGary Crook, President and CEO For the last 50 years, IBM mainframes have dominated the big enterprise landscape.Mainframes have been a fantastic platform, providing the vast majority of big enterprise with mission-critical systems that represent the backbone of the business. Today however, they are seen by the CIO as increasingly inflexible and expensive.

The legacy architecture is such that the vast majorityof IT budgets are spent on maintaining these systems that were designed more than 20 years ago. That has a huge detrimental impact on the CIO's ability to invest in innovation and growth.

Hence this is not a sustainable model in today’s enterprise computing landscape which the CIO knows needs to move at a much greater speed to respond to competition that is being fueled by the realization of significant benefits from cloud computing, big data and mobile. Enter Heirloom Computing, which is on a mission to
efficiently modernize the world’s business-critical enterprise software applications. Heirloom's Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) enables enterprise IT to transform their legacy mainframe application portfolio to the Java platform, a process which is 100 percent automatic and accurate.

“In other words, we enable a transformation of enterprise IT, away from inflexible, expensive, proprietary systems... to agile, cost-effective, open-source software stacks,” mentions Gary Crook, President and Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Helping To Move Beyond the Mainframe

Enterprise IT has broadly adopted the Java platform to deliver a wave of next generation applications. However, all of the transactional business processing is still being done on the mainframes.Heirloom's PaaS removes the technical, operational and cultural barriers around those systems by enabling enterprise IT to consolidate to the Java platform. .

By doing this the CIO can move beyond the mainframe and realize the benefits of cloud computing models.One of the other key issues addressed by doing this is that it also tackles an ugly skills issue -- enterprise IT on the mainframe has to deal with the fact that a large part of their current workforce is now fast approaching retirement age. Finally, there is always a need to do more with less, and the cost of an open software platform is typically 90 percent less than the mainframe.
A Pure-Play Software Platform Provider with a Difference

Solutions from other vendors involve rehosting workloads in other proprietary stacks or re-engineering the business logic using tools to abstract business rules and generate new applications.Heirloom's PaaS takes mainframe workloads, and using patented compiler technology, recompiles them to Java source code which is 100 percent automatic and accurate, a feat that no other platform can achieve.

Heirloom’s Go-To-Market model is strictly through systems integration partners.“Consequently we have no direct sales effort, instead preferring to focus on our identity as a pure-play software platform provider.This means we leverage the channel access, size and credibility that our partners have established in the enterprise market,” adds Gary. He goes on to say “Heirloom finds strong traction in the Financial Services, Shipping & Logistics, Health Care, Local and Federal Government sectors.”

Reinventing the Mainframe

There's $70 billion spent on running mainframes annually whichis a huge amount of money to invest in something that is not well placed to accelerate the growth of global enterprises.Changing this landscape is not going to happen overnight. It will take some time to transform and modernize enterprise IT to become an agile platform for the business. Heirloom Computing’s goal is to reinvent the mainframe, but in an agile context of open-source software platforms.

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