Helix Education: Optimizing Education Cost for Students and Institutions

CIO VendorMatthew Schnittman, President and CEO
Having spent a significant amount of time with school administrators and faculty at various levels, Matthew Schnittman, President and CEO at Helix Education knows they face many challenges; the foremost being increasing successful student outcomes. “The best student-centric solutions that lower the cost of graduation for the student and the institution require the right data, the right technologies, and the right partners. When these factors come together, an institution can truly understand their student as an individual and provide a more personalized educational experience,” says Schnittman.

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT, Helix Education’s full suite of comprehensive enterprise services and technologies span the student life cycle, helping higher education institutions find, enroll, retain, and teach students. The company utilizes data-driven insights to deliver services and technologies that schools need, but cannot effectively achieve on their own.

Helix Retain and Helix LMS are the newest key technology platforms developed by the company. “All of our technology platforms are built to aggregate and analyze data, provide insights, and initiate meaningful and actionable steps to improve student starts, retention, learning outcomes, and satisfaction,” remarks Schnittman.

Helix Retain is a powerful early-alert and intervention system designed to improve student outcomes by allowing the institution to leverage big data and proactively identify student risk indicators. It offers unique abilities unlike any other platform; such as the ability to pull and use data from institutional sources including lead information, SIS, and LMS platforms including Helix LMS.
This highly actionable data can be used to develop customized business rules and processes around roles, responsibilities, outreach, and intervention strategies.
Helix LMS is the only solution in the market architected from the ground up to power on-campus, online, hybrid, and competency-based delivery modalities.

Our goal is to provide student-centric solutions that help institutions find, enroll, retain, and teach their students

The flexible design of Helix LMS allows institutions to map required learning objectives to content and exams, and analyze outcomes and results, a requirement to deliver competency-based education. Helix Education believes that competency-based education (CBE) is playing a significant role in making education more accessible, affordable, and effective.

“While the cutting-edge technologies we build and maintain are essential to our clients’ success, it’s the people at Helix Education that drive our company,” says Schnittman. The company is comprised of thought leaders who have made significant innovations and individual contributions to the education space. “Their insight and expertise have helped shape and pioneer educational delivery models, student service approaches, and retention programs featured at many of our nations’ leading colleges and universities,” says Schnittman. “We are excited about where we’re headed as a company and as a result, how that will impact our client institutions and the students that they serve.”

Helix Education

Salt Lake City, UT

Matthew Schnittman, President and CEO

Helix Education provides technology and solutions throughout the student life cycle that are designed to optimize the cost of graduation for students and institutions.