Herlitz Inventory Management: Ensuring Their Clients' Supply During Ever Rising Market Demands

Carl herlitz, CEO & Founder
Companies with a solid understanding of advanced purchasing and inventory management make significant profits from their largest asset, their inventory. Sadly most companies muddle through their purchasing activities by only using the most basic of capabilities, those that came with their accounting or warehouse system. Companies should expect more, says Carl Herlitz.

Established in 2009, Herlitz Inventory Management is a company formed by what can be best described as two of the leading minds in the inventory industry, Carl and Anders Herlitz. This father and son collaboration, has produced HIMPACT, the ninth forecasting and purchasing solution developed by Anders. For this company, Carl and Anders have switched titles; Carl is President and CEO of Herlitz Inventory Management.

“Herlitz IM’s mission is to develop and offer the most user friendly and efficient demand forecasting and purchasing application to retail chains and wholesalers “

The company’s mission is to develop and offer the most user friendly and efficient demand forecasting and purchasing application to retail chains and wholesalers, while providing professional and knowledgeable consulting and training services. HIMPACT is packaged in way that allows the implementation process to be measured in days not months and payback in months, not years.
Using daily demand forecasting and strategic purchasing, HIMPACT scientifically analyzes discount opportunities and demand trends to give their clients the most effective demand forecast and the most cost effective purchase order.

Whenever customers have something new to offer, they are given a listening ear. If the idea is good enough, then it will definitely be worked on, refined and included in HIMPACT’s next release for everyone’s benefit. It is more of a Herlitz IM’s culture to continue surprising customers with new, effective and affordable features. The company works around the clock to respond to the ever rising market demands.

Unlike many offerings in this space, the technology used in crafting HIMPACT is current, in that it was developed in this decade. One of the benefits of this is that it is able to use true customer demand data with daily demand forecasting. The benefit of this is huge for new item introductions and seasonal items, for example. Recently a Herlitz IM customer said, “With HIMPACT Cold & Flu season is automatic. In our old purchasing system it was practically a manual process.”

HIMPACT keeps its users’ businesses on the right track. HIMPACT is specifically designed to help businesses in different industries such as auto parts, plumbing, appliance, grocery, food services, candy tobacco and many more. Basically, if you have inventory that needs replenishing, HIMPACT can help.

Unlike the average solution provider, Hertlitz IM likes to brand itself as unique. The firm believes it is customer service obsessed and strives to provide an exceptional product with effective services.

Herlitz Inventory Management

Cambridge, MA

Carl herlitz, CEO & Founder

Herlitz Inventory Management offers Purchasing and Inventory Management software specifically designed for the wholesale and retail markets.

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