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CIO VendorValery Herrington, Founder and CXO
Enterprises are in constant hunt for solutions that can optimize their day-to-day operations—from manufacturing to sales to marketing. While there are many services available in the market that deliver on specific enterprise requirements, the companies need expertise of a partner who can streamline these offerings to suit them best. Valery Herrington, the Founder and CXO of Herrington Technology has a uniquely deep specialization in SAP Technology powered by her rich SAP implementation experience with top consulting companies like Accenture, Deloitte, Price Waterhouse and KPMG and complemented by her advanced business and technology certifications standard. Founded in 2009, Herrington Technology is a new company that focuses on enabling clients to leverage SAP solutions for better business success and growth.

Headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, Herrington Technology flagship product line includes leading SAP solutions that can deliver better business success with increased ROI. Targeted at small and mid size companies, Herrington Technology offers SAP Business ByDesign, SAP Business One, JAM for Social Media, SAP HANA Platform Development solutions. For larger companies, offerings include SAP Cloud and enterprise Business Suite solutions.

Herrington Technology also offers WinShuttle data loading tools that support SAP data loading requirements and RBE Plus for SAP Solution Manager analysis—making it a ‘one stop shop’ for everything SAP.

"We have advanced solutions and services designed to accelerate your technology and business programs to the new destination"

The company also assists its clients with HANA installation, configuration, and implementation services. By leveraging HANA’s Cloud Portal Technology to integrate process, data, and analytics between two or more cloud solutions,Herrington Technology is offering its clients the rapid cloud migration capabilities. Since SAP HANA
is a new component for many IT landscapes. Herrington Technology offers customized SAP HANA knowledge transfer and expertise to educate clients about the best available options prior to locking down on a final solution and beginning the implementation process. This approach gives Herrington Technology customers the competitive advantage to redefine how they manage and consume large volumes of data allowing them opportunity to make more accurate business decisions at higher speed and a lower cost.The company’s clientele include large pharmaceutical, retail, finance and high tech fortune 90 and mid-market firms. “Herrington Technology provides customized solutions designed to fit each customer’s unique business and technology requirements for success and the process we use differentiates us from other competitors,” says Valery Herrington. The company’s critical go live and SAP advisory, system monitoring, performance tuning, project risk management and other offerings help clients save valuable implementation time, resources and costs by eliminating production and deployment downtime, generating optimized performance results and achieving executive KPI targets faster.

For example, one of Herrington Technology’s clients was deploying a SAP system that involved roll out of core business processes for a complex set of consumer products.

The company needed a way to quickly stabilize their current implementation while resolving development and performance issues that presented a hurdle for the implementation team.

Herrington Technology offered a value-driven performance tuning and analytics solution package that satisfied company’s requirements mitigated the go live implementation risk, kept the system deployment on schedule and achieve important project KPIs through a mission critical go live success.

Going forward, Herrington Technology will continue to offer its customers advanced solutions that are designed to generate increasing business value and success for customers. “We will continue with our deep commitment to technology innovation, leading business solutions and development of new ways to meet the needs of our customers. We will continue to expand our portfolio of solutions, services and products on the path to becoming a world class organization,” says Valery Herrington.

Herrington Technology

Valery Herrington, Founder and CXO

Herrington Technology provides advanced business solutions,information systems services and technology product offerings