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Arnaud Dasprez, CEO and Founder
Traditional outbound marketing methods (i.e. “marketing with a hammer”) exhausted by B2B companies such as pitching through e-mail or cold calls, and purchasing ad spaces have become passé. With the shifting technological landscape, businesses must embrace new inbound marketing strategies (i.e. “marketing with a magnet”) to attract, help, support and empower customers—rather than interrupt them. Generating qualified leads and converting those leads to potential buyers has become very competitive. Platforms like HubSpot facilitate inbound marketing through elements of marketing automation and customer relationship management. But integrating such platforms with other tactical marketing methodologies can be a daunting task for inexperienced enterprises that are looking to revamp their marketing strategies.

To help businesses optimize their marketing performance, Texas-based HexaGroup, a full-service integrated marketing agency, has spent the past 25 years perfecting a marketing methodology that balances proven best practices with each client’s unique objectives and budget. The performance-driven agency specializes in inbound marketing, account-based marketing (which focuses sales and marketing efforts on a relatively small number of high-value accounts that have the greatest revenue potential) and as a HubSpot Gold Partner, leverages the platform’s full suite of Marketing, Sales and Support Hubs to achieve each client’s key performance indicators (KPIs). More than experts in marketing, HexaGroup possesses in-depth oil and gas industry experience, having developed an extensive array of 3D models, technical videos and mobile apps to showcase client services, increase their sales and resolve their customers’ challenges. As a result, HexaGroup serves the niche market of energy and industrial companies that realize marketing is critical for sustained success—and also understand marketing is a speciality requiring the expertise of strong partners. Clients have the flexibility to utilize HexaGroup as an outsourced marketing team or as an added resource to their existing team.

“Our team strikes the ideal balance between strategy and consulting, outside the box creativity and leading-edge technology,” says Arnaud Dasprez, CEO and Founder of HexaGroup. “But above all, we are marketers driven by results. By working with us, our clients supplement or outsource their marketing departments with expertise impossible to find in one employee,” he adds.

But above all, we are marketers driven by results. By working with us, our clients supplement or outsource their marketing departments with expertise impossible to find in one employee

HexaGroup’s proven marketing methodology is precisely tailored for each client and begins with a ClustaarTM analysis, the agency’s proprietary market analysis tool. Clustaar uses an innovative algorithm that analyses, segments and visualizes Google big data to provide clients with actionable insights that drive smarter digital marketing decisions. Consider it keyword analysis on steroids. Clustaar enables HexaGroup clients to: 1) gauge their true market size and segment in terms of Google queries and competition, 2) understand how they stack up against competitors in terms of content development and other key marketing areas, and 3) discover their audience’s search trends. Clustaar provides the insight needed to establish vital direction for efforts such as SEO in terms of keyword optimization and content development and where to focus paid search activities for optimal results. HexaGroup uses Clustaar's findings as the baseline for then developing a client’s overall marketing strategy, designing creative assets and content, building a growth-driven website that supports all digital marketing efforts, deploying appropriate marketing technology such as HubSpot and implementing and managing inbound marketing campaigns.

To more effectively serve international clients, HexaGroup is an official agency partner with BBN International, a top B2B marketing group with partners in 20 countries. The collaboration allows clients to enjoy personal attention from a local marketing agency, while benefiting from the resources and support of a strong international organization.


Houston, TX

Arnaud Dasprez, CEO and Founder

HexaGroup, an award-winning digital-marketing firm which helps business develop their marketing strategies .Striking a perfect balance between consulting and strategy, they give businesses a competitive-edge to businesses, with their solid strategy, content, creativity and technical expertise. They have already made their mark by expanding the business-reach of many start-ups of the medical, professional services and technological sector. However, they have a special focus on the oil and gas industry. With in-depth understanding of the domains they serve, they constantly strive to grow and evolve with HubSpot, so that they can drive better results for their clients each day. HexaGroup has partnered with BBN International, a (B2B) marketing group, and is gathering a wide international customer-base