HGS: Transforming Customer Experience through Personalized Interaction

Given mobile devices provide customers instant and easy access to their favorite brands on the go, more than ever, companies see the importance of employing excellent Customer Experience Management (CEM). Providing best-in-class customer experience is paramount for success in every industry, be it healthcare, banking, insurance, consumer electronics, retail, or even the public sector. Organizations are looking for new models to engage their customer base, and IT companies play a key role helping these organizations collect insights and effectively manage customer interaction. Collecting and analyzing customer data online can help predict customer behavior, and this intelligence can help companies serve customers better and on a personalized level. HGS, a leading customer experience solutions provider, has the tools in place to track and analyze consumer digital presence on the channels they are using; ultimately giving companies a window into delivering a unified customer experience and optimizing their customer engagement seamlessly across all channels and devices.
Relying on real-time data and analytics to better understand consumer behavior, HGS taps into this data to help clients extract key insights and find actionable solutions that continually improve customer experience.

It is important to personalize when connecting with users. Engage everyone as individuals in order to capture moments of truth

“We call it interaction intelligence, as it helps companies improve customer engagement over every channel in a continuous manner. Looking at every touch point between the company and consumer can provide us with extensive consumer insights,” states Chris Lord, Global Growth Strategy and Marketing, HGS.

Through this extensive data-driven analysis of people, processes, and systems, HGS can identify key insights and opportunities, which companies can use for improvements in workflow, knowledge management, applications and so on.

The latest in HGS’s CEM toolkit, Digital Natural Assist (DNA), is an integrated solution with a full-service platform for effective CEM that helps companies maintain uniform interactions with their customers across every channel. Built on a platform designed to engage the mobile-enabled
Chris Lord, Global Growth Strategy & Marketing
customer, DNA’s end game is empowering customers through self-help, while seamlessly integrating agent assistance to bridge the gap between the company and its customers.

“Through DNA, we’re helping brands streamline their approach to customer service to maximize an agent’s ability to help customers, and the customer’s ability to help themselves,” asserts Lord. Offered across various ‘as-a-service’ frameworks, DNA is HGS’s most comprehensive offering that ultimately helps companies optimize cost and improve customer satisfaction and revenue generation.

With an extended clientele spanning across various industry sectors, HGS has helped a number of companies by leveraging its CEM solutions to increase productivity and efficiency. Regarding their work with the UK government, Lord says, “DNA was first launched in the UK for the London Olympics, where it was used to provide self-help and online consumer engagement through web chat to the visitors and participating country organizations.” As a testament to the solution’s smooth running efficiency, it was also used by the UK government-run Crown Commercial Service. Looking to manage UK Visa inquiries coming from consumers and agencies in more than 200 countries on the gov.uk website, DNA was deployed to effectively integrate and channel all these interactions.

By focusing their efforts on data analysis to personalize customer interaction, HGS helps its clients increase their customer loyalty and drive business growth. Expounding on the importance of a customized personal experience, Lord says, “It is important to personalize when connecting with users. Engage everyone as individuals in order to capture moments of truth, and optimize the experiences without being intrusive or obnoxious.” With an overall goal to ensure that any customer can start, stop, and continue the engagement at their convenience, HGS works with their clients as partners to deliver results that help them continuously improve and innovate within the market.


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Chris Lord, Global Growth Strategy & Marketing and Partha De Sarkar, Global CEO

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