Hibernia Networks: Low-Latency Platform to Optimize Connectivity Service Performance

Al Digabriele, SVP of Product & Marketing
Transferring large data sets over the internet is time consuming and may contend with other business critical traffic in organizations. Enterprises aim to connect with other global IP peers at the fastest internet speed possible. “Simply increasing internet bandwidth builds up further costs and may not optimize the cost efficiencies to meet the peak demand that other more flexible solutions might yield,” says Al DiGabriele, SVP of Product and Marketing, Hibernia Networks. Founded in 2003, Hibernia Networks provides a high capacity network with low-latency capabilities facilitating direct connections to the key international financial trading and commercial centers. “Our customers have access to a global footprint, scalable bandwidth, and throughput connectivity for the exchanges in the cloud,” adds DiGabriele. The company provides fiber connectivity that offers the fastest connection between major financial hubs such as New York and London as well as Chicago and Frankfurt.

Hibernia Networks is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Technology Partner supporting AWS Direct Connect. Since the partnership, Hibernia Networks has enhanced the availability of dedicated network connections for customers from their current AWS locations, consolidating client-servers into a virtual and global marketplace. “We support AWS Direct Connect to ensure business continuity, serving as a secure, high speed connectivity link between AWS and their customers,” notes DiGabriele. Hibernia benefits AWS Direct Connect customers by providing a more consistent network experience than Internet-based connectivity. Their global network features over 220 points of presence (PoPs) in the major regions of the world. By utilizing Hibernia Networks’ high capacity network, AWS customers are able to access hundreds of global network points including U.S., Europe, and Asia at reduced costs and increased bandwidth throughput. “We have engineered our network with route diversity to avoid a single point of failure,” he adds.

Hibernia provides a suite of global connectivity solutions that includes optical transport services, Ethernet-based services, and internet exchange connectivity. The company also offers a content delivery network (CDN) platform as well as point-to-point media and broadcast solutions. The Ethernet connection supports customers deploying their own VLANs.
A single dedicated circuit connection can be used as multiple virtual interfaces. The same physical connection provides access to public resources such as objects stored in Amazon S3 using public IP address space. Not only public, but the private resources such as Amazon EC2 instances running within Amazon Virtual Cloud (VPC) using private IP space can also be accessed.

We support AWS Direct Connect to ensure business continuity, serving as a secure, high speed connectivity link between AWS and their customers

With flexible, diverse, and reliable network connectivity offerings, Hibernia Networks aims to thwart the growing competition in the changing marketplace. “We are uniquely sized to provide custom solutions in an agile and flexible manner to meet our customers’ business challenges,” says DiGabriele. Catering to the need for additional fast and high-performing global network capacity, the company is launching the Hibernia Express cable in September 2015, a new high-capacity subsea transatlantic system that connects North America and UK. The new cable system leverages state-of-the-art optical technology and routing design for optimized performance. Hibernia Express offers the lowest latency service across the Atlantic Ocean and supports 100 Gbps transmission capacity which is scalable up to 400Gbps and beyond. Hibernia Networks’ cutting-edge transatlantic network technology allows high bandwidth network operators to leverage their reliable, next-generation services.

The company is focused on advancing its platform for storage applications, content delivery and streaming. As an example of the company’s focus on innovative solutions, it recently launched a new suite of broadcast cloud over IP solutions. “We are working to integrate our video solution with the CDN to enable the broadcast of live events and stream them through OTT or IPTV platforms,” concludes DiGabriele.

Hibernia Networks

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Al Digabriele, SVP of Product & Marketing

Provides secure and diverse dedicated Ethernet, DTM, Wavelengths and carrier-grade IP Transit services