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CIO Vendor In the federal government and the marketplace, success is determined by expediency and effectiveness. Companies that rely on manual processes and archaic system architecture deprive themselves of the competitive edge needed to excel in their field of choice. This is where Highland Technology Services, finds its market. Founded in 1996 by Robert Carbo, the President and CEO, Highland Technology streamlines business processes and eliminates security vulnerability on a federal level, maintaining less than 1 percent turnover rate with its federal customers. The Company specializes in web design, network infrastructure development, electronic records management, and cyber security as well as solutions for wireless and mobile devices. Under Carbo’s guidance, Highland Technology optimizes business operations to perform with scarce resources and to excel in the global economy, receiving glowing evaluations from the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS). Highland Technology’s corporate staff consists of senior managers from Fortune 500 firms who specialize in information technology and management consulting. Their work has significantly improved the efficiency of federal government and through operating a helpdesk; Highland Technology has resolved 99 percent of its monthly 2,000 call volume. The company has also designed machine learning systems to streamline work processes and to automatically determine whether or not electronic documents are recorded. Highland’s most recent automated Service Manager provides customers better management and control of cellular and wireless devices; and related expenses. ­This service downloads the monthly bills from service providers (Verizon, AT&T, etc.) into a database. From this the system provides a web based dashboard analysis and reporting system which gives summaries and details regarding the volume and detailed costs of services delivered, allocation details for both voice and data, specific calls and text messages to establish wireless plans spanning billings, service usage, rate validation, and workflow processes.

“Our Company prides itself on private ownership, where customers take primary concern over shareholders and partners."

Thus, this level of control allows customers to pay a fixed cost per device for wireless service delivery at a lower cost. In order to maintain its service of federal level cyber security, Highland Technology keeps its employees trained in the newest technology. As a result, their mobile services for managing company organization (email, phone, text messaging, organizer, Internet/Intranet, etc.) come with Apple, Android, Microsoft and Blackberry mobile operating system support. “Our Company prides itself on private ownership, where customers take primary concern over shareholders and partners." We are also recognized participants in the Industry Advisory Council and the American Council for Technology,” says Carbo. For over 17 years, Highland Technology Services Inc. has lent its services to the government and industry leaders alike. The company is recognized for bringing one of the first electronic management systems to a civilian federal agency, by introducing BlackBerry phones. This was before Blackberry phones had voice capability. And in the year 2000, Highland Technology created a system for federal government that recorded environmental, safety and management data through secure browser clients, which was years before secure browser clients even existed. As a result, for the federal clientele, the current record management system functions with an accuracy of a trained federal record analyst. Looking ahead, Highland Technology continues to stand by their clientele by eliminating pointless expenses, creating better business infrastructures and improvising the efficiency of the workplace.

Highland Technology Services

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