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Mike Mendiburu, President
In today’s incredibly complex business environment, digital transformation has become imperative for all organizations, as modern times demands the survival of the fittest. Where being fit implies organizations adopting multiple advanced technologies to stay relevant in the market. However, for a seamless transformation, finding the right partner that understands the business needs and solves it accordingly is often a challenge. Addressing this problem and being the perfect partner for organizations is HighPoint. Founded in 1996, it is a New Jersey-based firm, which provides a wide range of solutions and services in areas such as data center, security, mobility, collaboration, and network infrastructure. The company builds lasting relationships with clients, employees, and partners based on principles of integrity, trust, honesty, and a mutual commitment to growth and success.

Being a Cisco Gold Certified Partner makes HighPoint an expert in delivering various Cisco solutions. They help organizations to derive value by staying relevant with various advancements happening almost round the clock in the fast-paced technological world. For example, mobility has become a critical factor in determining the success of an organization. With the outburst in handheld devices, BYOD is the new trend that has emerged. However, an organization often lack the knowledge or expertise for deployment, also, allowing devices to have access to the company’s internal data poses potential risks of losing the business information, keeping the many companies at bay to deploy such solutions. Mitigating these problems, HighPoint offers a detailed physical and radio frequency design to ensure optimal coverage that is secure and accessible to users. They utilize predictive modeling, on-site surveys, and user requirements to configure and implement designs that fulfill an organization’s needs. Additionally, security is achieved at every stage of the design process. After that, all the devices are configured using best practices to ensure a scalable, robust, available, and high-performance wireless solution.

Another crucial area HighPoint assists its client with is collaboration. With business accelerating to adopt digital workspaces in a bid to achieve the best productivity from the employees, the need for a collaborative environment cannot be neglected. Additionally, employees require the freedom to work from any location, anytime, on any device.

Understanding compliance, capital, and operational expenditure budgets, and finance options are ways we enable customers to have a lifecycle approach to leveraging IT

To this end, HighPoint collaboration solutions make the communication and meeting experience easier to boost productivity, enhance critical decision-making, and making the business process both inside and outside the organization better. These solutions include conferencing, voice and video communication, application delivery, and integration, along with omnichannel customer service solutions to help organizations retain and grow their business.

Last year, Highpoint received the Cisco Capital Partner of the Year award for its innovation, leadership, and best practice as a Cisco business partner across Americas US: East. These awards are selected by a group of Cisco Global Partner Organization and regional and theatre executives to identify top-performers. “We are honored to be recognized by our partner Cisco Systems with the award of Cisco Capital Partner of the Year for US: East,” said Mike Mendiburu, HighPoint President. “This recognition reflects our objective to serve our customers as a trusted advisor on how they acquire, consume, and adopt technology investments. Architecting solutions that drive predicted outcomes must be complemented with the proper financial strategy to obtain the maximum cost benefit to these investments. Understanding compliance, capital, and operational expenditure budgets, and finance options are ways we enable customers to have a lifecycle approach to leveraging IT.”

Starting the company with three principles, honesty, integrity, and trust, HighPoint, today has 33 fundamentals that it puts to practice. With such strong work ethics in place, organizations do not have to look any further in their quest to help architect strategic technology solutions that will support business goals and desired outcomes.


Sparta, NJ

Mike Mendiburu, President

High Point Solution is an industry of technology services. The Company offers security, network connectivity, virtualization, wide area network (WAN) optimization, as well as storage equipment and accessories such as cabinets, cables, and transceivers. The main services provided by High Point are professional services, logistics, managed services, and OEM maintenance. To meet customers need Highpoint’s data center designs right-sized solutions, and provide high security. To ensure connectivity on a variety of devices, the company provides mobility solutions. High Point converges multiple networks to increase efficiency and productivity, to assist the customers with identifying and resolving network liabilities