Hightail: Sharing Media Files with Ease

Mike Trigg, CEO
The widely diverse media and entertainment sector of today demands faster and more secure communication channels. The conventional systems for file exchange have become perceptibly slow and unreliable—especially across diverse geographic areas. The transfer of huge media files must be easy, efficient, secure, and auditable across all file types including television shows, films, music, books, and games. “One of the biggest problems faced by the media industry today is the need to share large files while ensuring that their copyrighted content is protected and secure. Hightail provides customers with the safest and most secure way to share even the largest high-resolution files,” begins Mike Trigg, COO, Hightail.

Hightail lets users send, receive, share and synchronize files. Previously known as YouSendIt, the service was a simple way to send large attachments that email couldn’t process. But the cloud service has grown to offer robust online creative collaboration and file sharing capabilities. Today, Hightail serves more than 45 million registered users across 193 countries, including users in 98 percent of the Fortune 500. In addition, Hightail offers professional users simple sharing services and apps with renowned reliability, untouched data security, and access across a range of mobile devices making it the go-to solution for big and small businesses.

The company offers a number of apps which one can use to access, sync and share their files. Hightail’s Desktop app provides access to manage and share files and folders with drag'n'drop functionality. The mobile version of the Hightail app for iPhone, iPad, and Android , allows users to access and share files on the go.

“We also offer an enterprise-grade service that gives users the ability to share files easily, while providing IT with the required security infrastructure, comprehensive controls and data tracking capabilities. Our security features provide control over who can access the files, with passwords, expiration dates and identity confirmation, so that no one other than the reader can download it. And, our Outlook app brings this power to your mailbox.

Hightail offers the security and control that professionals in the media and entertainment industry need – making collaborating around even the largest digital media files simple, intuitive and flexible

With one click, you can email huge attachments via Hightail without ever leaving Outlook,” explains Trigg.

The company has an impressive clientele including Special Olympics, Echo Entertainment and Sesame Workshop. Sesame Workshop, a global media company that works with thousands of partners around the world and needs to share video, animations and graphics rapidly and securely, selected Hightail. Sesame was facing difficulty distributing files, as they had to either pay for satellite uplink time or burn the files into hard drives and physically ship the drives all around the world. Their client’s major requirement was to do it in a way that was extremely simple and secure. With Hightail’s file sharing apps, the company now sends large video files and other digital material while ensuring their copyrighted content is protected.

“The experience that we offer is not just about sharing files, but providing a collaborative space for creative professionals that alleviates the burden from their IT infrastructure,” says Trigg. “Rather than maintain an expensive FTP server or clog up Exchange servers by sending the same large attachments again and again, media file sharing with Hightail gives you unlimited storage and easy access to your projects,” he concludes.


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Mike Trigg, CEO

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