Hima:Providing Turn-Key ALM Solutions to Customers

Suresh Mekala, President
In today’s business world, Cloud and virtualization are the two new buzz words that describe innovation and help in reshaping the business operations. Even in the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) landscape, which is expanding and changing at a substantial pace, the rapid growth in demand for infrastructure virtualization solutions is ever-increasing. “With evolution of Cloud technologies, the ALM landscape is being transformed into an unthinkable and powerful platform,” says Suresh Mekala, President, Hima, Inc. This can be seen in the form of a developer giving organizations an entire snapshot of his system in a virtualized mode rather than sharing source files.

According to Mekala, the advent of Cloud has brought forth a revolution in the ALM landscape but is not completely free from challenges. “With the rise of open source technologies CIOs face the issue of implementing solutions in this landscape for non-traditional and traditional systems,” explains Mekala. “We are addressing this challenge by determining various means to implement solutions with today’s virtualized landscape.” Headquartered in Bloomingdale, IL, Hima, Inc. provides ALM and DevOps solutions, along with resolution, consulting, training and support services for the clients. The company implements their solution by adopting fourth generation ALM system development tools and open source tools for various verticals. “We constantly amalgamate our solutions with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software and open source technologies to drive beneficial results for our customers,” adds Mekala. The company also satiates the need to adopt the niche technologies by enterprise architects through their unique solutions.

Hima came into existence in the late 90’s when software development firms found Software Configuration Management (now ALM) to be an unfamiliar landscape due to the lack of assistance from software implementation specialists. “As a company we were able to grasp the need of the hour to provide agile ALM resources for benefitting the organizations,” says Mekala. Hima transformed the landscape by successfully implementing flexible and customized solutions in this industry. “Our flexible solutions were always at the helm of clients’ needs as the traditional systems required customers to spend more time on rigid processes,” adds Mekala.

We constantly amalgamate our solutions with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software and open source technologies to drive beneficial results for our customers

In the last 15 years, the company has developed their ALM solutions into enterprise level solution on a global scale for fortune 500 companies. Hima focuses in the complexities involved in designing, prototyping and implementing enterprise-wide ALM projects on geographically divided business location. The company has a large group of highly capable architects who are available for implementations at worldwide locations. “We have implemented solutions for over 14,000 users worldwide with four data centers spread across continents that lead to hybridized solutions with both COTS and open source technologies,” says Mekala. In one instance, Hima implemented open source ALM solution for a popular global fast food chain and managed the functionality of their 8000 restaurants worldwide. “Our solution is the foremost resolution at an enterprise level on a global scale and even on SCO Unix,” adds Mekala.

The company’s consultation team has over a decade’s experience in implementing end to end ALM solutions by working with various stakeholders of the project. “We architect and implement unique but flexible solutions for the project using both commercial and open source tools. And, for the days to come we are looking for expansion opportunities to provide cost-effective ALM solutions to the customers,” concludes Mekala.


Bloomingdale, IL

Suresh Mekala, President

Providing organizations with end-to-end customized solutions in ALM domain that meet the firm’s requirements in a cost-effective way