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Gustavo Scheveloff, CEO
With more businesses switching to a fully remote or hybrid work culture, the need for a more secure, flexible collaboration and communication infrastructure is dire. However, reaping the benefits of top of the line communication implementation requires planning and insight into what makes a company tick. Helping clients address this challenge is HiperPBX, a telecommunications solutions provider that meets the evolving communication needs of its clients. The company offers a synergetic combination of a Unified Communications platform for corporations, contact centers, phone polling systems, hotels, and IoT vertical solutions for industrial plants, retailers, utilities, and smart buildings. The platform integrates video conferencing, VoIP services, and messaging services, which is why it is an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes. In addition, the platform provides companies with the flexibility to combine these technologies to reap maximum benefits. "One of the greatest benefits of our platform is that we integrate all communication channels, including telephony, Unified Communications, video and audio conferencing, messaging, Multi experience Contact Center solutions and IoT technologies under a single cloud ecosystem," mentions Gustavo Scheveloff, CEO of the company.

Scheveloff further elaborates their capabilities through a use case where a manufacturer would want to bring visibility into his entire production environment. In this case, HiperPBX's helps the manufacturer by connecting its production lines and distribution center to a centralized cloud platform that interacts with its ERP and CRM, as well as providing them its IP communications and a contact center solution. The platform brings the voice communications system, unified communications and IoT under a single umbrella, connected via secure wireless networks that provide maximum flexibility and reliability. By doing so, the manufacturer gains centralized control and visibility into the entire production environment. Manufacturers can track the performance of the plant in real-time and resolve the issues efficiently. In addition, they can manage and control the production lines by setting up alarms and alerts using the platform. More importantly, as the platform is hosted in the cloud, companies gain remote access to their facilities, and they can keep track of their infrastructure without any disruptions. The unified communication platform provides supervisors of the production line access to real-time data displayed on customized dashboards and reports through a web browser without any additional installations.

The company also offers similar services for smart cities by building a contact center for a county and interconnecting it with IoT solutions and the cloud platform. This is further augmented by interconnecting the voice and video communication for the several offices within the county with the platform.

When it comes to meeting the communication and collaboration needs of companies, HiperPBX implements the right solutions after assessing the client's needs. Typically, while some of the clients require internal communications—which include audio and video communication systems—others go for external communications. In implementing solutions for external commutation, the company leverages the contact centerpiece of the platform that can improve their client's customer interactions.

One of the greatest benefits of our platform is that we integrate all communication channels, including telephony, Unified Communications, video and audio conferencing, messaging, Multi experience Contact Center solutions and IoT technologies under a single cloud ecosystem

"In most cases, HiperPBX deploys a multichannel communication model that allows an end customer to interact with the client's sales or support team through voice calls, SMS messages, WhatsApp messages, emails, chat boxes, AI-driven bots, and more," mentions Pablo Bukin, EVP of International Business Development at HiperPBX.

Although the pandemic unleashed havoc across the globe, HiperPBX was prepared to face the new challenge head-on. The company helps its clients by deploying its unified communication platform to address the challenges brought by the remote workforce. As HiperPBX leverages the power of the cloud, its clients can deploy the platform quickly and resume their works without any disruptions. Companies can use the platform just like using a web browser without installing any specialized software. Users can log-in using a secure URL and can start handling voice communications, messaging, emailing, and more on a multichannel panel.

In one instance, a large beverage manufacturer approached HiperPBX to monitor the performance of their DC forklift operations. After a site assessment, HiperPBX designed and deployed a customized IoT solution and connected it with forklifts through a dedicated private wireless network. This enabled the company to monitor and measure forklift distance, forklift speed, the number of pallets loaded, and more. The company also used access control tags and security PINs to identify operators’ activities and performance driving the vehicles in the warehouse. As the client uploaded all the information from various sources to the cloud, supervisors and managers could easily view the data and generate valuable reports on the dashboards.

What makes HiperPBX different from its competitors is that it offers a single platform that provides multiple services. On top of that, the platform allows seamless integration with multiple technologies and brands and helps clients augment their services. Every single component of HiperPBX unified communication platform is built by its in-house team, which makes it flexible enough to integrate new technologies, connect with client’s systems, and provide updates. More importantly, the company deploys the platform in record time and helps the clients use the services more quickly. HiperPBX collaborates with many telephone companies, telecom operators, and system integrators in America. Moving ahead, HiperPBX plans to expand its business by partnering with new telephone operators in the U.S. and Europe.


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Gustavo Scheveloff, CEO

HiperPBX is a telecommunications solutions provider that meet theevolving communication needs of itsclients. The company offers a unified communications and IoT platform designed for contact centers, phone polling systems, hotels, industrial plants,retailers, utilities, and smart buildings.