Hippo CMMS: Streamlining Maintenance Management

Daniel Golub, General Manager
In response to industry demands, technology development, and economic constraints, companies across industry, service, and corporate sectors are seeking ways to become more efficient and cost savvy. One way they are doing this is by automating facilities maintenance operations, replacing spreadsheets with Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) systems overseeing preventative maintenance and facility management procedures. However, this shift toward implementing CMMS system has not been easy for some organizations, with failure rates as high as 70 percent. Most often, maintenance software systems tend to be “clunky”, not intuitive, and difficult to use. With a vision toward simplifying the approach to preventative maintenance, Winnipeg-based Hippo CMMS is providing an innovative solution embodying robust features that resonate with high-level managers, alongside a user-friendly package for end users. Hippo has disrupted the CMMS market by developing a system that closes the gap between the feature requirements of C-level managers and maintenance technicians.

Hippo’s user-friendly maintenance software is well suited for facilities of all sizes across diverse industries such as manufacturing, hospitality, higher education, and healthcare. At the core of Hippo’s maintenance management application is the preventative maintenance module that monitors company assets by creating flexible routine maintenance schedules. The software enables users to generate work orders and inspections based on calendar dates and meter readings (like equipment run-time, mileage, etc.). Daniel Golub, General Manager at Hippo CMMS notes, “At Hippo, we took a different approach to developing maintenance management software. We noticed that there was a gap in the industry where CMMS systems were costly and user adoption was low. We addressed this by listening to the technicians, not just the COOs and developed software that was not intimidating for users who aren’t so tech savvy. Our software is also accessible to all in the organization with our unlimited user plans. We launched Version 6 with a new mobile version, SSO, and interactive site plans.” In an effort be a leader in the CMMS space, Hippo continues to come up with ways to enhance the user experience.

We launched Version 6 with a new mobile version, SSO, and interactive site plans

The development team works under the 3 click rule—if it takes a user more than 3 clicks to complete a transaction, it’s too complicated and needs to be reworked. This CMMS stands out with its interactive floor and site plans empowering users to locate rooms, buildings sections and critical equipment on a map. What’s more, training and support resources (videos, manuals, contact support) are accessible within the application, thereby providing multiple avenues for users to learn.

The Hippo team surveys their users bi-annually to stay on top of market demands and trends and learn which features will add greater value. They leverage HubSpot for its marketing automation and contact management and Salesforce for CRM. “HubSpot allows us to regularly connect with our customers and users by consistently releasing new content to current and potential customers”, says Daniel. Worth noting, according to Zendesk analytics, Hippo’s response to customers is three times faster than the industry average.

Referring to a customer success case, Golub describes a long-established cabinet manufacturer wanting to standardize their preventive maintenance processes for their production equipment. When the client first subscribed to Hippo CMMS, they used it primarily for preventative maintenance. The customer service team worked closely with the manufacturer during their initial onboarding—inventorying equipment, uploading floor plans, importing data, and training. After months of use, the manufacturer took advantage of features for tracking corrective maintenance, parts, and costs, increasing their ROI. With its user friendly, cloud-based CMMS, Hippo has carved a niche for itself in the asset management software landscape. Moving forward, Hippo will continue to hold its place as one of the most user-friendly CMMS systems, while offering solutions for small, medium, and large businesses.

Hippo CMMS

Winnipeg, MB

Daniel Golub, General Manager

Develops a powerful, affordable, and user-friendly web-based maintenance management software system

Hippo CMMS