HiQo Solutions: Redefining IoT Setup for Organizations

Martin Mauersberg, CEO
While writing robust software codes is essential in a typical organizational IoT setup, maintaining hardware efficiency for lower energy consumption is equally vital. Power-efficient IoT devices help in generating large set of insightful IoT data, when analyzed. Alongside, the growing big data can also bring issues related to data security, privacy, and compliance.

However, an IoT setup is not just about dealing with a number of technologies, but is linked to optimizing different business areas and collaborating all IoT-related processes together. “The clients that we mostly work with have already tried to establish an IoT setup with a number of different partners. The more partners you involve, the more interfaces there are,” begins Martin Mauersberg, CEO, HiQo Solutions. “Interfaces are always a source of errors as there are a number of vendors involved.” Richmond Hill based HiQo Solutions provides a complete IoT setup for organizations without the need to approach various partners and adopt different interfaces. To address all the IoT-related issues, the HiQo team consists of hardware engineers, RF (Radio Frequency) specialists, wireless technology specialists, statistical mathematicians for the data analysis, front-end developers, User Interface (UI) designers, user experience designers, and many more. “In most cases, our clients come to us when they already have ideas about the technologies they want to implement for their IoT setup,” explains Mauersberg. “We provide consultation services through which we look at our clients’ existing technologies, make suitable recommendations, and implement the solutions accordingly.”

In one instance, HiQo developed an access control system for a hospital. The purpose of implementing the system was to ensure that “anyone without an appointment doesn’t get access to the hospital departments.” The idea was to have everybody wear a wrist band which would enable only the eligible person to get access. The doors were connected to a central system and the wrist band would work only for the scheduled time of appointment.

Our uniqueness lies in the electronic engineering and the mathematical data processing capabilities of our company

“In order to implement this, we developed the wrist bands that can read the incoming signals and emit the signal to open the door,” says Mauersberg. “We provided wrist bands that had a relatively small battery and reduced the power consumption of the bands because the patients wore them all the time.” HiQo also delivered a robust management system which included an interactive UI through which the nurses could schedule appointments through tablets.

“The qualification of the staff we hire is one of the key differentiating factors of our company.” HiQo places great emphasis on highly qualified mathematicians or software engineers with a mathematical background, focusing on scientific software development to understand IT complexities and provide data software with data runtime behavior. Mathematical data processing, designing wireless data transmission systems, and creating machine learning algorithms are the fortes of HiQo Solutions.

From a growth perspective, HiQo Solutions has grown from a company of 10 employees to a firm with 200 employees. The firm strives to gain latest industry knowledge through various research and development activities. “Our uniqueness lies in the electronic engineering and the mathematical data processing capabilities of our company,” says Mauersberg. “We also have plans of starting our own design studio for designing RF modules in the U.S.”

HiQo Solutions

Richmond Hill, GA

Martin Mauersberg, CEO

Provides a complete IoT setup for organizations without the need to hire various partners and adopt different interfaces

HiQo Solutions