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Paul Noone, CEO
When Paul Noone arrived at HireIQ Solutions as the CEO, he could see patches of success through a lens fogged by recruitment challenges. When it came to talent acquisition, he was quick to identify untapped opportunities that were waiting to be seized, which later became a major coup for the startup. Instilling his penchant for transformation and the zeal to create a difference in the way candidates are hired in contact centers, Noone has led his team at HireIQ to conduct more than 2.5 million virtual interviews and evolve as the leading contact center talent acquisition specialist.

While the technology at BPOs has evolved significantly over the last three decades, HireIQ has been closely monitoring these developments to allow their clients to embrace and reap the benefits. Revolutionizing talent acquisition in the contact center, HireIQ has been focused on automating the interview process and providing predictive capabilities that identify candidates who will exceed performance objectives (KPIs) and reduce attrition. “When you have 15,000 candidates applying for a job, you can’t possibly interview all of them in-person. The primary concern is to complete the assessments as quickly as possible and bring in efficiencies. However, the challenge boils down to ensuring that candidates complete the interview process, which accounts to less than 50 percent of the people who applied in the first place,” explains Noone. While companies spend much of their time in hiring the most qualified from this lot, HireIQ focuses on prioritizing time by collecting information and bringing in visibility into the process. While timing is critical, HireIQ meets the need for speed by improving efficiency and staff utilization with online interviewing and testing.

HireIQ completely automates the screening process by assessing critical communication skills to facilitate continuous performance validation. The company delivers a software-based virtual interviewing solution, particularly relevant to the contact center industry. With its advanced AI and predictive analytics capabilities, HireIQ excels at eliminating the complications in bulk screening, interviewing and choosing the best talent. With HireIQ, recruiters can assess a large pool of candidates within minutes, while having the ability to select better quality hires for enhanced business performance.

More than 45 percent of HireIQ interviews are done completely outside of the normal business hours to help the candidates avoid skipping their routine work

The uniqueness of HireIQ’s solution stems from the importance it provisions to an applicants’ voice during the pivotal initial screening. These virtual interviews are conducted online to assess the vocal characteristics and personality traits that are best suited for each job. The company’s radical new way of talent acquisition by analyzing voice and visual data for the contact centers is powered by Audiolytics, an innovative predictive analytics solution. It uses outcome-based modeling and machine learning to filter and identify candidates based on performance objectives (KPIs). HireIQ benefits both companies and candidates equally by making the interview process seamless and flexible. With HireIQ, candidates can record interviews anytime at their convenience. “More than 45 percent of HireIQ interviews are done completely outside of the normal business hours— before 8 AM and after 6 PM—to help the candidates avoid skipping their routine work,” adds Noone.

High attrition rates at call centers is a serious challenge that the industry is facing today. To tackle the issue, HireIQ correlates candidate data to agents who stay longer to analyze and identify the real answer to causes of attrition. “Most BPOs experience 100+ percent attrition rate on an annual basis and HireIQ is on a mission to eradicate it with our predictive analytics solution that recommends the candidates that are most likely to stay longer,” notes Noone.

With its unique features, the solution promises to be a game changer in talent acquisition. And with new significant partnerships, we expect outstanding outcomes for large contact centers worldwide in 2019,” concludes Noone.

HireIQ Solutions

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Paul Noone, CEO

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