HireMojo: Transforming the Complexities of Hiring

John Younger, Founder
Hiring the right candidate is one of the most crucial factors for any company's success. Similarly, finding a compelling job is paramount for individuals. However, today's recruitment scenario is stuck in slow-motion as hiring executives struggle to find suitable candidates for job openings. In the U.S. alone, almost 9.7 million jobs are open with half being open for six months or more. Companies are looking to hire but unable to find suitable candidates and job seekers are unable to find that satisfying position. Solving this mammoth problem is HireMojo.

The young company has devised a disruptive cloud solution that bridges the hiring gap in the simplest way possible, by making hiring easy. With HireMojo’s cloud solution it's possible to fill single and multi-hire jobs across the organization in a few weeks for just $295. HireMojo is an integrated and self contained SaaS solution that does most of the work in the hiring process. "It's collective intelligence, crowd sourcing and cloud computing all woven into one. So hiring becomes predictive as opposed to random," explains John Younger, HireMojo Founder.

The market today offers very few solutions for hiring. Most are point solutions targeting recruiters, job postings, applicant tracking or social networking. However, the two most important people in the hiring equation, the hiring manager and the candidate applying are the least well served.

"With HireMojo, staffing, perhaps the single most important component of managing a successful agency, has been transformed from a chore to a pleasure," exclaims Cheryl Meyer, Farmers Insurance Agent.
Meyer and other Farmers Agents have found their new hires in an average of under 8 days allowing them to grow their businesses more aggressively.

Another problem is how jobs are typically marketed with generic job descriptions and bulleted lists of required qualifications that just don't appeal to job seekers. "You are not hiring the entire world, you're hiring one great person; so you need to communicate to that person in a way that makes him or her aspire to be part of your team," says Younger. HireMojo uses "attract-in" interview questions to engage candidates, describe the real work involved, and determine their fit in a very unique way while broadly marketing jobs to over 150 top job boards and social networks. "I felt that your job description was specifically written to me and immediately applied," shared one recent candidate.

The company has a Big Hairy Audacious Goal, to fill close to one million jobs by the end of 2014 and bring unemployment/underemployment in U.S. down by 10 percent. HireMojo believes in focusing on solving the bigger problem and giving back to its local, national and global community. "Those of us at HireMojo have chosen to make a collective impact that's greater than just easy online recruitment, but to also help companies and people doing positive things for their communities and future generations," says a proud Younger. The company routinely does pro-bono work for non-profit companies and actively seeks out companies making a positive generational impact.


John Younger, Founder

Hiring the right candidate is one of the most crucial factors for any company's success. Similarly, finding a compelling job is paramount for individuals.

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