Hivemine:Bringing Collaboration to Digital Transformation

Peter Holland, President & CEO
To thrive in today’s fast paced global economy, building and leveraging knowledge capital is crucial for an organization. While sheer amount of data within an organization has exploded over the years, employees still struggle to discover right knowledge or expert to answer the business questions in timely and accessible manner affecting the proliferation of organizational knowledge capital. The biggest challenge within the Knowledge Management (KM) space has always revolved around capturing the knowledge itself. “Over 90 percent of KM solution providers fail at capturing the right knowledge,” begins Peter Holland, President and CEO, Hivemine. Influenced by the shift from rigid Enterprise 1.0 to Enterprise 2.0 and most recently the Cloud, the Seattle-based Hivemine provides a knowledge centric business software product that delivers business-ready knowledge capital, with a KM and business process management foundation.

“Our flagship product—AskMe collaborates employees across organizational and geographic boundaries through communities connected by common interests and goals to accurately capture the enterprises’ knowledge,” mentions Niraj Patkar, Chief Developer, Hivemine. Through these innovative collaboration tools AskMe creates content, delivers and receives feedback, and builds a shared vision among the community members. This ongoing community-based collaboration provides an overview of all organizational activities enabling knowledge capital to be constantly expanded, refined and easily accessed.

Hivemine’s business-ready knowledge discovery tool, AskMe helps organizations to speed innovation, reduce costs, and improve customer service. Leveraging this strategic solution, the firm helps its customers to ask questions, create FAQs, and promote best practices over email through their continuous engagement cycle. “By doing so, AskMe’s knowledge engine makes it easier for people to engage with each other and also develop helpful content, resulting in converting ad hoc dialog into assets, and proactively share knowledge with everyone,” explains Holland. The product finds the right experts by creating detailed system generated user profiles using tools including smart auto-profiling technology.AskMe has several customizable interfaces such as Exchange Integration, Tacit Agent, FAQs and Best Practices and many more. Further, customizable user profiles improve AskMe's ability to match an information request with the right experts to drive engagement around business challenges.

Our flagship product- AskMe collaborates employees across organizational and geographic boundaries through communities connected by common interests and goals to accurately capture knowledge.

In instances when employees leave the organization along with several undocumented best practices, critical expertise, and unique organizational knowledge, stored within their mind, “It’s AskMe that has the capability to capture, store, and re-use that knowledge,which is created as a by-product of daily work and collaboration by the employees,” delineates Patkar.

Hivemine has helped several organizations to effectively share their knowledge and tackle the fundamental business challenges they suffer from in today’s competitive marketplace. In a classical instance, Brazil operations of a Fortune 50 multi-national company, faced difficulties in breaking the silos between their organizational locations resulting in frequent re-engineering and cost ineffectiveness. To resolve this challenge Hivemine implemented its AskMe solution that automatically created employee profiles, making it easy to find right person from within its global engineering team. “Hivemine helped the company find an expert engineer and pre-existing knowledge in their Russia team, enabling them to avoid re-invention of wheel, saving millions of dollars & several months of time,” says Patkar.

For the upcoming year, Hivemine has outlined plans to incorporate several enhancements to its product, enabling customers to adopt and utilize the system more easily. “We are focused on creating a responsive and intuitive user interface and updating our core engine to suit mobile devices. Lastly, we are very excited about our new document management system that integrates seamlessly with our knowledge management engine. That with the addition of several new features related to knowledge management and our recently released cloud based configuration options has us very excited for our future,” concludes Holland.


Seattle, WA

Peter Holland, President & CEO and Niraj Patkar, Chief Developer

Provider of social business software products—AskMe, which delivers business-ready social media tools, to help organizations to speed innovation, reduce costs, and improve customer service.