Homecare Homebase: Streamlining Operations and Providing Accurate Data on Time

April Anthony, CEO
Based in Dallas, Texas, Homecare Homebase is an industry-leading healthcare software provider serving the technology needs of the fast growing post-acute care industry, including homecare, hospice and private duty. The Homecare Homebase solution includes a robust, fully-comprehensive system that empowers its customers to provide the best in patient care. "We believe we are well aligned to meet the continually growing and changing needs of this industry and are uniquely positioned to provide a solution that will continue to exceed industry expectations," saysApril Anthony, CEO of Homecare Homebase.

Founded by industry veterans in 1999, every aspect of the Homecare Homebase system was developed to be user-friendly, flexible and customizable to specific agency needs. It enables real-time, wireless information exchange and communication between office staff, field staff and physicians; automates workflow processes; enables accurate billing through numerous integrated checks and balances; and, provides powerful management reporting via a back-office data analysis tool that ties together all agency operational information.

Housing a Powerful Technology Infrastructure

Homecare Homebase was founded on the idea that a defined and dedicated process can streamline operations and provide timely, accurate data across the entire agency. The Homecare Homebase workflow engine enables agencies to achieve business goals of more effective and efficient delivery of services across all of their locations while the partnership with Homecare Homebase provides a true "teammate" in improving day-to-day operations.

The company operates on a powerful technology infrastructure that allows agencies to become more agile, automating the entire organization and allowing agencies to operate in a real-time environment. The system enables agencies to look at their current statistics from a cutting-edge management dashboard so they can proactively manage their business.
"Through our process-driven solution, we not only collect data at the point-of-care, but much more importantly, put that aggregated data to work to improve clinical outcomes, financial benchmarks and operational efficiencies," says Anthony.

The Homecare Homebase Solution

The company's agency automation solution is a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that offers functionality for each of an agency's operational groups. The application suite consists of six key components that work together seamlessly; The Workflow Manager provides the backbone that ties together and integrates the back-office functionality of the Clinical Manager, Financial Manager, Report Manager and Resource Manager with the field functionality of the PointCare Manager.

The system's functionality is further enhanced with the Homecare Connections suite of products, consisting of Knowledge Link™, Referral Source Link, Provider Link, Family Link and Partner Link. These modules bring added functionality and power for agencies choosing to include them as part of their system set-up and further enhance operational effectiveness of the system by including more agency teams and data sources into overall agency workflow.

The Future of Home Health

More than 70 million American's will reach the age of 65 by the year 2030, that's almost double the current number of aging patients treated in a "home" setting today. "In order to continue to provide exceptional care for these patients agencies will need to focus on efforts that prove their value as part of the healthcare continuum, including focusing on care transitions models that ensure that patients avoid re-hospitalization; increasing the effective use of alternative caregiver disciplines; controlling the cost per visit through improved payment models for staff and improved productivity and using technology to "touch" patients more often. Homecare Homebase takes our role in helping agencies achieve this future very seriously, empowering exceptional patient care through technology and continued innovation,"says Anthony.

Homecare Homebase

Dallas, TX

April Anthony, CEO

A provider of comprehensive integrated cloud-based software solution to improve the clinical, operational and financial success of homecare and hospice agencies.