Homerider Systems: Smart Fuel and Gas Metering

Bruno Hamamlian, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
Organizations, today, are striving to sort the problem of digitizing energy resources to overcome energy production and operational inefficiencies. Taking up the challenge, Homerider Systems, a company headquartered in Vienne, France, delivers tailor-made IoT solutions for industrial enterprises to monitor the utilization of oil and gas. “We are a digital service corporation, developing accurate performance indicators and digital monitoring solutions for the oil and gas industry,” begins Bruno Hamamlian, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Homerider Systems. The company is dedicated to delivering an interoperable ecosystem of intelligent sensors and Tank Level Monitoring within a single unified wireless network. With a global environmental vision, Homerider Systems analyzes large amounts of environmental data to help monitor the consumption of non-renewable resources.

With primary focus being on oil and gas tank monitoring, Homerider Systems delivers remote monitoring devices for oil tanks, meters, and sensors, all unified into a single digital stream. The firm is addressing the problem of escalating operational maintenance costs with ATEX certified radio modules that monitor the tank level and transmit data wirelessly. The radio module is a battery operated plug and play system that transmits the data to the customer portal. Clients can renew the contract service within 5 years of installation, saving considerable CapEx.

Being at the forefront of leveraging IoT, “We are currently managing more than 10,000 oil and gas tanks remotely,” highlights Hamamlian. The company’s proven connected devices are robust, require minimum maintenance, and connect different sources of IoT with Homerider connectivity. The firm renders the system useful for the oil and gas industry with a management portal that can monitor hundreds of tanks through one interactive dashboard. Clients can study the fuel level in real-time and avoid potential overflows.
With these core competencies, Homerider Systems is harmonizing the combination of multiple solutions and products, delivering superior IoT experience to oil and gas industry.

Homerider Systems’ solutions were used to great effect by Stela, a subsidy of Total petrol group and a reseller of AdBlue, a diesel vehicle fluid that is used to reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides. With AdBlue being used in tanks in every oil and gas station, Stela leveraged Homerider Systems’ monitoring devices to accurately forecast refueling operations with sufficient data on the consumption of AdBlue to increase its usage effectiveness. Homerider Systems is currently managing 2000 tanks, with Stela experiencing an increase of 12 percent in productivity.

We are a digital service corporation, developing accurate performance indicators and digital monitoring solutions for the oil and gas industry

The culture and vision of Homerider Systems thrive on the belief that the oil and gas industry can be successful if leverages smart, connected devices. It is not just about having sensors, wireless modems, and telecommunication systems, “We believe that the technology must be made useful, simple, and affordable for customers,” states Hamamlian. Homerider Systems is forging ahead to help the IoT be compatible with different connected devices in the North and South American, Australian, Japanese, and Chinese regions. “This will drive us to partner with device manufacturers globally and expand our digital application experience,” wraps up Hamamlian.

Homerider Systems

Vienne, France

Bruno Hamamlian, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Offers IoT solutions based on robust, reliable, and multiprotocol network to the oil and gas industry

Homerider Systems