hoojook: Analytics that Deliver Actionable Sales Leads to Automotive Industry

Shauli Chaudhuri, CEO
Social media and online channels has become one of the key channels for automotive consumers to find product recommendations, dealer reviews, voice complaints, display preference, consider peer opinions, capitalize on coupon offers, and engage in ongoing dialogs with their favorite brands.

“With a wealth of information readily available online, consumers can compare products, services and prices—even as they step into dealerships and service centers. When consumers interact with companies publically through social media, they have greater power to influence other customers or damage a brand,” says Shauli Chaudhuri, CEO, hoojook. This shifting landscape is creating immediate opportunities for sales in the automotive industry.

However companies need efficient tools to collect, manage and analyze a tremendous volume, variety, velocity and veracity of social media data, along with automotive Dealer Management Systems (DMS) data. Based in Silicon Valley, hoojook addresses these challenges by gathering and utilizing humongous data to generate valuable insights for personalizing marketing, sales, and services. hoojook provides an end-to-end cloud-based SaaS social media and data analysis platform, specifically designed for the automotive industry. The company’s patent pending analysis engine transforms the chaos of social chatter into actionable information. The solutions generate new leads, cultivate the leads, and manage brand with multiple modules to help the companies navigate their marketing and sales in the emerging domain of social media engagement.

hoojook processes the data from social media such as Twitter, Facebook,Google+, YouTube and also from blogs, forums, and review sites to identify the individuals who are seeking automotive products and services. The platform helps companies to increase the precision of customer segmentation by analyzing the customer’s personality (buying behavior), influence, and preferences.
It develops a 360-degree view of each individual and identifies emerging trends. Once the personality is identified, a 1:1 communication tailored to the customer’s readiness is deployed using social media channels, email or phone. The platform also optimizes customer interactions by delivering relevant real-time offers based on an individual’s location.

“It is imperative to keep on top of what customers are saying about you—reputation can make or break the company,” says Shauli. This is where hoojook’s Automotive Reputation Management (ARM) comes handy. It aggregates all online reviews, creates a summary dashboard, sends email to customers soliciting new feedback, autoposts positive reviews and traps negative ones, and helps with SEO. The ability to perform analysis at an individual, micro level differentiates hoojook from its competitors. The company uses natural language processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, psychological models, and distributed computing, to analyze an automotive customer at an individual level. Adding to it, hoojook’s models learn on the run. The more real-life data gets processed, the models get refined in the accuracy level and predictability index to understand individual customers better. “hoojook’s model is like an intelligent robot that keeps getting better with more and more use,” asserts Shauli.

Even though hoojook’s solutions primarily focus on the automotive industry, they can be of value in other verticals such as financial services, consumer retail, travel, hospitality, and healthcare. “At hoojook we are passionate about what we do. We assist in everything related to Big Data collection, analysis, processes, and applications while our customers are busy doing what they do best—sales and services. When they need Big Data solutions, they come to us,” adds Shauli.


San Jose, CA

Shauli Chaudhuri, CEO

The company provides an end-to-end cloud-based social media intelligence and Big Data platform specifically designed for the automotive industry.