Hopscotch: A Complete Solution for In-Venue and Out-of-Venue Fan Engagement

Laurence Sotsky, Founder and CEO
With the proliferation of technology into the sports world, leagues and franchises are tasked not only with building winning franchises, but also with implementing new systems that enhance the fan experience in every way. From sharing more behind-the-scenes team content to making concessions more convenient, the industry is focused on engaging and rewarding its most passionate fans. Based in El Segundo, CA, Hopscotch is a prominent Content Management System (CMS) provider in the sports industry and delivers an open, mobile engagement platform for teams, venues, and event organizers. “Our solution builds long-term fan loyalty through personalized in-venue and out-of-venue mobile experiences,” says Laurence Sotsky, Founder and CEO, Hopscotch.

The Hopscotch Platform offers a flexible package of mobile services that provides geo-targeted marketing capabilities, incremental revenue, and actionable insights for customers businesses. Delivered as cloud-based Software as a Service solution, the platform has four primary components:

The first component, a robust and easy-to-use CMS, helps to combine the team and player stats, league feeds, and social media data into a single, visual content feed. “We are able to ingest and curate the content into the customer’s mobile app, creating a centralized information hub and eliminating any duplicative work,” says Sotsky. The CMS further allows pre-programming of a team’s feed by uploading the content into desired time slots ensuring the availability of fresh content.

“The second component of our platform is monetization of content, which we accomplish through advertising and sponsorships,” reveals Sotsky. “We help teams to reach out to new and existing advertisers and sponsors through the team app and unlock new mobile revenue,” he adds. The Hopscotch Platform supports native advertising formats that integrate seamlessly into fan experiences. Additionally, the robust analytics offered by the platform provides teams with valuable insights about individual fan interests and preferences that can make advertising more targeted and effective.
The third component of the Hopscotch Platform is a customized loyalty and rewards program. Points are earned by either scanning a QR code using a built-in scanner or by entering promo codes that customers create. The Loyalty and Rewards program is a unique opportunity for sponsors to not only acquire new customers, but also to learn what types of offers and promotions drive the most revenue for the business.

The Hopscotch Platform has a partner integration engine, which not only ensures that customers can continue to use their favorite partner services within their mobile app, but also offers access to a stable of best-in-breed mobile service providers. “Our job is to always seek out the best technology and make them available in a modular basis to our customers,” states Sotsky. This partnership integration engine forms the fourth component of the platform.

Our company is founded on the principle that mobile apps should be easy – easy and fun to use and a snap for customers to manage. It’s how we’re different

Leveraging these compelling and customizable features in its solution, Hopscotch has enhanced in-venue and out-of-venue experiences and improved margins for both small and large customers. An example of the former is the El Paso Rhinos, a minor league hockey team based in Texas. Hopscotch helped the Rhinos to successfully implement a loyalty and rewards program to promote fan adoption and time spent within the app. Moreover, Hopscotch’s CMS has enabled the El Paso Rhinos’ one-person content team to distribute team content more effectively– content that is creating more engaged fans and happy sponsors. “We have helped the Rhinos deliver rich, revenue-generating mobile experiences to fans both inside and outside the venue,” affirms Sotsky.


EL Segundo, CA

Laurence Sotsky, Founder and CEO

Hopscotch is a mobile engagement platform company for teams and event organizers. Hopscotch offers a complete set of in-venue and out-of-venue mobile services that inspire long-term loyalty and unlock new revenue streams.