HOSTING: Making Storage Easy with NetApp and Cloud Platforms

CIO VendorArt Zeile, CEO
The rising demand for data storage capacity in conjunction with effective backup and protection strategies currently stand as the need of the hour in healthcare, e-commerce, and compliance industries. To curb these challenges, HOSTING leverages affordable data drives. Referred to as “cheap and deep storage of low or high volumes of data,” the company’s focus rests on robust protection strategies at affordable rates. The brainchild of two military veterans with an eye for cutting edge technology, HOSTING reflects a notable discipline in the manner they function and in their platform management solutions and services.

“There are a multitude of solution providers out there today, but not every one of them have the commitment and longevity to provide platform and services that are mature enough to support mission-critical operations,” remarks Sean Bruton, VP Product Management at HOSTING.

Complementing their proactive and innovative solutions like managed cloud hosting and security is the pooling technology, which allows for an adjustment in the performance and capacity for HOSTING clients. This technology makes use of different type of storage technologies like fast fiber channel and high volume flash caching. The customers’ workloads can be transferred completely, so that the databases that are more in demand or the files that are more frequently accessed can be used in the performance tiers, giving clients the output they demand. The company credits the pooling text from NetApp for increased efficiency and, according to Bruton, it no longer has to rely on customers to manually move the data workload from the storage tier. NetApp’s OnCommand Management Software allows HOSTING to drive efficiencies and save customers money.

“NetApp understands when we want to execute nonstandard ideas, helping us with individual case basis deployment. The storage platforms in NetApp make things easy with our cloud platforms,” adds Bruton.
Although there are several service providers that offer public cloud, they fail in handling mission-critical apps and big workloads, which require dedicated environments.

Disaster recovery services, security and compliance, and a true partnership with auditors and customers sets HOSTING apart from the pack

The triad formed with the availability of disaster recovery services, security and compliance, and a true partnership with auditors and customers sets HOSTING apart from the pack. The company’s high-touch managed services partnership engagement has led to several success stories. For instance, HOSTING worked with NetApp to architect a unique platform that allowed a software company client to gain a sizeable amount of storage capacity at a price point that was necessary to make their business case work.

“NetApp has been a good partner for us and our customers and it is really exciting to find a solution that works technically and physically,” says Bruton.

Recognized by Gartner in its Magic Quadrant for the past three years, HOSTING has been accredited for both its ‘ability to execute’ and ‘completeness of vision’. HOSTING’s focus on availability and security has resulted in immense profit in the healthcare vertical. The company's primary mission is rooted in providing the best customer experience for those running mission-critical applications in cloud. Over the next few years HOSTING expects to be further involved with industry leading services and attain more visibility into the risks that customers face.

“In the near future, we see ourselves better managing a client’s ultimate end-user experience for applications that are running in our cloud platform,” concludes Bruton.


Denver, CO

Art Zeile, CEO and Sean Bruton, VP Product Management

Builds and operates high-performance clouds for missioncritical applications in partnership with NetApp.