Hostway Services: Connecting Dots, Making Microsoft Easy

Bob Boles, CEO
Hosting customers who run their applications on service provider infrastructure often find it difficult to comprehend the role of infrastructure and architecture in determining the quality and performance of their software and middleware. For many Microsoft customers, that performance is tested while connecting the dots across the entire Microsoft ecosystem.Often, they forget that any mission-critical applications require a strong infrastructure foundation that they might not have procured while building their Microsoft-enabled environments. Founded in 1998, Hostway is adding clarity to the cloud by delivering effective solutions to the problems encountered while uniting the Microsoft ecosystem.

Headquartered in Chicago, IL, Hostway has proven expertise in building scalable solutions for the ‘always available’ functionality needed by today’s hosting customers. The company has built the first, largest publicly available Hyper-V Cloud in North America, and possesses the expertise that comes with constructing and maintaining it. “We’re pioneers in this regard, and our accrued knowledge is somewhat unique. This knowledge and capabilities are bolstered by a vibrant partner ecosystem: a series of alliances which allows us to create end-to-end solutions supported by specialists in many niches of the Microsoft ecosystem, such as database optimization and migration,” says Bob Boles, CEO, Hostway.

Our knowledge and capabilities are bolstered by a vibrant partner ecosystem that allows us to create end-to-end solutions supported by specialists in the Microsoft ecosystem

The company’s publicly available cloud–which runs on Windows Server 2012 R2–claims to open the doorway for customers to realize the benefits of cost effective Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings and eventually tap into the Cloud OS network.
Hostway’s hybrid deployment capabilities offer customers the chance to split their workloads, taking advantage of the cloud for inter-connectivity with their private clouds, providing multiple “Landing Zones” which ensure a fit-for-purpose IaaS while still remaining compliant. “Our cloud products are leveling the playing field for the Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) to compete against larger enterprises,” says Boles.

As a frequent beta partner for their new products, Hostway is deeply involved with Microsoft’s advances in the cloud industry. The company also works with other Tier 1 Microsoft partners to present customers with innovative solutions. “With Hostway, there is no standard, cookie cutter deployment. Our relationships with partners like Parallels Automation allow us to integrate and connect various infrastructure-based Microsoft solutions together,” adds Boles.

Hostway has been serving the industry with best-of-breed technology solutions for nearly two decades. For instance, Goal Share–a social networking site that provides a platform for people to share their individual ambitions with others–needed significant bolstering to their hosting solution to avoid downtime and respond to accelerating usage. The Hostway team analyzed Goal Share’s current configuration and determined it was not ideal. Hostway showed the client how to get their platform running more efficiently by laying out a growth plan that resulted in better functionality and improved performance. Hostway’s account and support teams were present throughout the transition process, to make sure that Goal Share had what they needed to reach their milestone. Since joining Hostway, GoalShare is experiencing 100 percent uptime, while adding a huge influx of new users.

Moving forward, Hostway’s focus remains on enabling SMBs to thrive in the dynamic business world. The company plans to continue invest in fully managed infrastructure services–a combination that SMBs need to succeed in the tech-driven marketplace. “No one provider has it all and the ability to effectively integrate with partners is critical to provide customers with integrated turn-key solutions. We look forward to the opportunity to integrate our technology with our partners and codevelop these turn-key solutions,” concludes Boles.

Hostway Services

Chicago, IL

Bob Boles, CEO

Provider of cloud, managed, and hybrid cloud hosting, delivering scalable, customizable Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions to customers worldwide