HotChalk: Working With Universities to Migrate Degree Programs Online

Edward Fields, CEO
Higher education is in a state of disruption. The transformative impact of the internet has finally reached this industry segment. However, one of the biggest challenges faced by higher education institutions today is how to take the programs they’ve historically offered exclusively on campus, to an online audience. Because a university’s core competency revolves around their academic excellence and the education outcomes produced by their programming and faculty, most of them don’t have the experience or skill sets required to extend their services online. As a result, the majority of institutions are collaborating with business partners to move into the online market. Headquartered in Campbell, CA, HotChalk is a company that excels in this area. HotChalk helps universities bring their on-campus programs online. “HotChalk’s success is based on our delivery of transformative growth for the universities we work with, and a real Return on Education for the students we serve,” shares Edward Fields, HotChalk CEO.

HotChalk’s turnkey technology and service solutions offered using a SaaS business model incorporate all phases of the education lifecycle. With its commitment to make education available to everyone, everywhere; the company works with universities to make their programs available at affordable price points. “Our focus is on student experience and student success, and we partner with universities who share that philosophy,” says Fields.

HotChalk also operates the largest global network of free education content on the Internet through the HotChalk Education Network, which provides information about college and career readiness initiatives for K-12 teachers, parents, students, and administrators. This network serves billions of pages of free education content every month and pulls together a wide variety of information resources dedicated to educational initiatives.

The company analyzes the employment market to predict the degrees that will be in high demand in the future. With an emphasis on education that produces a high degree of career readiness, HotChalk works with its partners to bring those degrees to market.
They also track thousands of data points, which allows them to effectively engage all participants within the education ecosystem. This has brought the educational institutions who work with HotChalk one of the highest retention and graduation rates in online education. The company’s largest vertical is assisting school’s of education, where they see high demand for graduate degrees. “For the working professional, online education is the best available option. They have many professional and personal commitments. They need flexibility as they advance their career through the pursuit of their graduate degree” says Fields.

We are on a mission to make meaningful education outcomes available to everyone, everywhere

HotChalk works with multiple clients including St. Thomas University, Wilkes University, and Concordia Online Education. Hotchalk helped Concordia University- Portland become the leading non-profit university conferring Masters of Education degrees in the nation. To date, Concordia University-Portland has enrolled thousands of students and has generated more than $120M in tuition. It is worth noticing that these results were produced while delivering an industry leading student retention rate of 85 percent, with 96 percent of students noting that they are satisfied or highly satisfied with their student experience.

Chasing their dreams straight to the top, the sky is the limit for HotChalk. “Moving forward, we will continue to selectively service high quality institu¬tions committed to student success while helping stu¬dents pursue their academic potential.”


Campbell, CA

Edward Fields, CEO

Leading provider of education technology and service solutions which put degree programs online.