Hotel SystemsPro: Tailoring Web-Based Enterprise Solution for Greater Productivity

Chip Carroll, President
Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Hotel SystemsPro is a web-based enterprise applications solution provider run by hospitality professionals that offer multi-lingual, easy-to-use, high-performance systems that empower teams with the tools necessary to sell more, faster, exceed expectations and achieve peak performance.

During the inception of Hotel SystemsPro in 1996, hotels were mostly manual with poor adoption of technology at the local property level. The industry was desperate for tools to help them build their business, increase revenues and operate effectively by managing their guest experience. “Realizing the need for solutions in the areas of account management, guest service, maintenance, and work order management, we developed solutions that build sales and streamline operations for the local users as well corporate managers,” explains Chip Carroll, President, Hotel SystemsPro. Having the primary responsibilities for product design and overall technical strategy, Carroll is a team oriented person who loves problem solving.

In 2003, the company scaled their solutions, expanding from property based system to an enterprise class, cloud and SAAS based model. The company’s core products include hotel Sales and Catering Pro, hotel ServicePro and hotel WebSpace.

Their highly successful hotel Sales & CateringPro product is an enterprise class,multi-property hotel internet based sales service solution that increases sales efficiency for hotel chains and independent properties alike. Used by more than 4000 full service,select service, and boutique hotels and resorts, hotel Sales and Catering Pro automates the entire sales administration process in less time at a significantly reduced cost.

Hotel ServicePro, an web-based hotel maintenance solution preserves property asset value and improves guest service by automating the communication, tracking, scheduling and reporting of tasks surrounding guest requests and safety requirements. hotel ServicePro is available in desktop, mobile and phone form.

Another core product, the hotel WebSpace, is the fast, easy and highly effective online marketing solution that drives market share for hotel companies. It increases the quality and quantity of traffic to the hotel’s website and booking engine by providing a user-friendly interface to enable hotel sales professionals to create effective landing pages.

"Our goal is to give hotel staff and corporate executives, the tools that they need, in order to understand the market and service scenarios to execute their mission and optimize their success"

“Our goal is to give hotel team members and corporate users, the tools that they need, in order to understand the market scenario and make better decisions,” explains Carroll.

Hotel SystemsPro partners with clients to provide solutions that scale across a broad range of properties around the globe. In an interesting case study, The North Central Group (NCG), a premier hotel management company, known for its personal service and emphasis on sustainable practices, faced the problem of having too many checklists for operations and equipment. NCG’s goal was to use mobile technology to eliminate paper work and establish real-time company wide communications for faster response to guest requests. In order to solve this issue, NCG chose Hotel SystemsPro, the cloud-based computer maintenance management system to automate communications, scheduling, tracking and reporting of safety requirements, guest requests and equipment management. As a result, NCG’s guest service scores increased 5.5 percent year-over-year, across their portfolio of 26 hotels. “We now create maintenance and safety checklists in the Hotel ServicePro operation tool that we access on smartphones and tablets; we also write work orders and send them remotely, so that the system stores all work online, making it easily accessible,” says David Coe, purchasing manager, NCG.

Moving forward, “We will continue to develop web service interfaces based on industry standards (HTNG) so that other solution providers can communicate effectively with our technology. Sharing information between 3rd party systems and our software helps our clients make even more effective use of all available solutions ultimately improving the service they can provide guests and the financial return they can provide owners,” Carroll concluded.

Hotel SystemsPro

Atlanta, GA

Chip Carroll, President

A provider of high performance, ASP-based enterprise and property hospitality solutions