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Ulf Arnetz, Founder, CEO & Chairman
Any organization’s strategy is its cornerstone, yet most struggle to effectively put it into practice. Reports from Gartner and MIT state that enterprise-wide strategy executions fail 90 percent of the time, and this has been the case for the past decade.

Howwe Technologies has developed a market-leading application that enables clients from various industries, including insurance, industrial manufacturing, finance, consulting, and real estate, to generate guaranteed and measurable financial results. Companies using Howwe typically experience a return on investment (ROI) of 20 times their initial investment already within a year. The acceleration is measurable per team and per week. In one particularly notable instance, Howwe worked with an international bank to boost their profit from a meager 4 percent to an astounding 9.8 percent, which amounted to 14 million dollars.

“With products like Howwe, it’s the first time a unified platform has been developed solely for accelerated strategy execution and to measure and accelerate how well a company’s CEO executes the company’s most important financial goals- already within the first 12 months,” says Ulf Arnetz, Founder and CEO of Howwe Technologies.

Many executives find it challenging to focus on and achieve the primary objectives of their corporate plan according to the set timeline. At the same time, most of their employees are uninformed about how they can contribute to the company’s vision due to a lack of cohesive communication on the required course of action. These challenges have left many discerning executives asking, “How do I effectively close the gap between strategy and execution?”

The international SaaS company Howwe Technologies has developed the answer to that question.

Their leading enterprise execution software helps executives bridge the strategy-to-execution gap and synchronize their operational goals across all organizational functions. The innovative software transforms any intricate or unique strategy into role-based goals and interconnected high-impact key activities, making it transparent and actionable.
Howwe enables a proactive way of working by offering a clear-cut way of steering strategies that accelerate growth and empowers the execution of strategy on all levels within an organization - on time.

Over the past decade, the role of CEOs has undergone a significant transformation. They carry the responsibility of leading their organization in new and unexpected directions due to rapidly increasing disruptions. In the absence of appropriate tools to support them, there’s a high probability they will belong to most companies that don’t succeed with their strategy implementation. This is where Howwe plays a pivotal role.

With products like Howwe, it’s the first time a unified platform has been developed for measuring how well a company’s CEO executes the company strategy

Howwe’s cloud-based platform functions with three growth disciplines–prioritizing and aligning objectives, guiding and tracking progress, and visualizing and committing to goals and activities–at its core. Through an intuitive dashboard, leaders can prioritize mission-critical goals for growth and align them from the top cascading through all levels of the company. Once the goals are set, they can identify critical activities driving growth in real-time and steer teams toward swiftly achieving them. The platform also enables leaders and employees alike to measure their company’s progress towards goals and how the contribution of everyone fits into the overall strategy execution process. All teams and employees are supported with role-based insights and automated intelligence based on best practice from 10,000 customer teams in the software. These pragmatic practices foster a collaborative workplace atmosphere where everyone feels accomplished upon seeing transformational progress which is why employee net promoter score increases as a result of the implementation of Howwe.

The SaaS company’s highly adaptable and tailored software creates growth opportunities in disrupted and remote work environments. More than a product, Howwe is a way of working that promotes accountability, provides clarity, and allows cross-organizational execution of crucial strategies.

Howwe Technologies

Stockholm, Sweden

Ulf Arnetz, Founder, CEO & Chairman

Howwe is a market-leading SaaS solution that accelerates execution and financial results and makes goals clear and actionable on all levels of an organization – in one platform.

Howwe Technologies