Hoylu: Smarter Collaboration, Without Boundaries

Stein Revelsby, CEO
"Connections between people and their ideas are the underlying seedbeds of innovation." That being said, with the people in a team spread out across geographies, spawning ideas of all shapes and sizes are difficult to gather. To collect them all, connecting the people, used to be called collaboration. Today’s collaboration needs to do that productively and with as much simplicity as possible—a task demanding a thorough understanding of how teams work together, done so accurately by Hoylu. “We deliver a Connected WorkspaceTM, enabling people across multiple locations to contribute and share work together in real-time and keep all information on the same page”, states Hoylu CEO, Stein Revelsby.

The founders at Hoylu have been working for some years on user interface based on touch, digital pens and large surfaces together with universities in Europe. Their team spent a number of years innovating more efficient ways to interact with large screens in collaborative environments.

With a number of different collaboration standards and platforms, getting them to communicate with each other effectively is difficult for the enterprise team. Anywhere up to 20 minutes in a meeting is wasted, just to get connected, meaning that the contribution of the members are not as good as it is supposed to be. Also, in the way traditional systems are built, information is stored and retrieved from siloed folders, making it difficult to get the holistic overview or gain a good perspective on whatever content is being discussed. By working together with a software team, experienced in designing user friendly and interactive solutions for large companies like Disney and Carnival, the team at Hoylu were able to design an easy to use, “no-training necessary” and intuitive collaboration platform, with an amazing UI to help people enjoy work every day, without the hassle of getting them all together. As Christi McCorkle, CMO at Hoylu states, “You have a tool that anyone can use, and at the same time you can add information and content from specialized applications. After the meeting, you don't need to be concerned about saving your data, because it is automatically saved.”

Additionally, when the team members enter a new meeting, the data from the last meeting on the same project will be there as they had left it.
This is significant, as most so-called collaboration systems today are mostly A/V systems that have added simple whiteboard functionality to them. This drastically limits the space available for the actual team contribution, with most of the space allocated for the video. Alternately, with chat-based solutions, the collaboration is one on one communication, instead of using function-specific applications—design tools, simulators, word processors. This limits the range of cooperation, as chats enable the sharing comments about the ideas, and not the ideas themselves. Finally, with most solutions, after finishing a meeting, the ways to save its contents are not complete and are complicated. Hoylu provides a simple way to do that, with a connected workplace that can always be used, anytime, from anywhere. “Access it from any device, download the software, and start using the connected workspace, whether it is from a browser on a smartphone or a laptop, large display or a large work board, like the ultra-wide Hoylu Walls” adds Revelsby.

We deliver a Connected WorkspaceTM, enabling people across multiple locations to contribute and share work together in real-time and keep all information on the same page

As of now, Hoylu provides collaboration solutions for enterprise customers, typically in process/project/planning type of work in market verticals like construction, automotive and life sciences. Hoylu is also used in creative processes for ideation and innovation as well as in education. The company believes that technology should not create more obstacles and that users need not be concerned about it, to solve problems. Hoylu focus on that user experience, to get the best outcome, for now, and all their client’s endeavors in the future.


Malmo, Sweden

Stein Revelsby, CEO

Hoylu is an innovative and groundbreaking provider of easy-to-use software that enables faster collaboration and enterprise-level Knowledge Management