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Dion Weisler, President & CEO Most businesses share the same feelings for printers—obligatory but inconsequential. This is where they go wrong. If effectively managed, printers hold the potential to contribute to significant savings.

Let’s face it; office printers seem to have a mind of their own. One minute they are printing effortlessly and the very next they mysteriously stop working. It’s either the toner that needs to be replenished, a new cartridge has to be installed, or a repairman needs to be called in. These mundane tasks not only eat into valuable IT time but can also result in expensive overheads. Given the backdrop, a managed print service (MPS) provider can be extremely valuable as they not only specialize in printing devices but also take complete charge of all possible printing challenges. When talking about MPS, one company that probably needs no introduction is industry behemoth HP.

“All of HP’s solutions are designed to save paper and now finally organizations can meet their environmental responsibility while maintaining business profitability”

HP’s MPS comprises end-to-end solutions that allow organizations to transform their print environment from a cost center to profit center through fleet predictability, enhanced security, and productivity. Behind HP’s cutting-edge technology and year on year growth is President and CEO of the company, Dion Weisler who is a veteran in innovative personal computing devices, printers, 3D printing, and related services and solutions. With more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry, Dion has held key executive positions across multiple geographies in the IT and telecommunications sectors. Under his helm, organizations can expect the latest and smartest ways to print.

Driving Simplicity and Sustainability

HP’s MPS partnership is a proven approach that is designed to be flexible and holistic while driving profitability. At the very onset of every project, HP carefully assesses the device condition and capabilities of existing printers, fax machines, and copiers and identifies the areas for optimization as well as investment maximization. Apart from evaluation, HP’s MPS wing also offers financial, procurement, implementation, management support, and document and workflow services. If the situation requires, HP also collaborates with a client to implement a new printing experience using solutions that accelerate business processes, improve the flow of information, and reduce costs. For example, the HP JetAdvantage business workflow and printing solutions are precision-engineered for the modern office to minimize disruption and maximize uptime. These innovative tools have been designed and tested for optimal integration into an organization’s fleet.
All tools are automated to simplify device configuration, monitor supplies, establish print policies, and troubleshoot devices. Some other exclusive features include ‘Touch to Print,’ where a user can operate a printer from their smartphone and ‘Roam for Business’ where a print is attained from virtually any device and location. With a simple, user-friendly dashboard, users can even view insights into printing behaviors and devices use, including non-HP and PC-connected printers.

To help organizations collect and analyze data from across the entire fleet, a turnkey solution innovated by the company is HP Business Intelligence. The HP Business Intelligence suite, comprising a set of automated data collection and analysis tools, empowers organizations with actionable and instant insights that contribute to proactive maintenance and identification of new opportunities. Through a secure web portal called HP DCC, available in 15 different languages, managers always have access to complete account information regarding the performance and usage of a fleet. The portal quickly identifies fleet devices in each location by providing a “device map view.”

HP’s MPS comprises end-to-end solutions that allow organizations to transform their print environment from a cost center to profit center through fleet predictability and enhanced security

Since today’s printers are nothing less than powerful computing devices that contain memory, data storage, and networking interfaces, which makes them prone to hacking, HP has made significant advancements in printer security as well. The company offers features such as encrypted printing, anti-malware, threat and fraud detection, firmware updates for security patches, and more. Through HP’s access control printing, organizations can control user access and release confidential documents only to authorized users.

Print Perfection

Another area where HP is making significant contributions through its world-class MPS is sustainability. All of HP’s solutions are designed to save paper, and now organizations can meet their environmental responsibility while maintaining business profitability. The company has devised intuitive print management tools that enable IT managers to centrally schedule sleep and wake-up modes across an entire print fleet, reducing energy consumption. Needless to say, HP itself offers the most ENERGY STAR qualified multifunction printers that are 40 percent more energy efficient on average than standard printers. Bringing to bear nothing but the best solutions and models, HP’s 3D printing technology is currently a rage in the market.
Available in two variants, HP Multi Jet Fusion and HP Metal Jet, these printers are reinventing opportunities for businesses across industries whether aerospace, education, or healthcare. While HP Metal Jet enables firms to be 50 times more productive, HP Multi Jet Fusion signals a new era in manufacturing as it helps create smart parts with embedded electronics and integrated traceability and intelligence.

The story of how HP created a healthier print environment for a leading insurance company, Metlife is an apt example of HP’s prowess. Metlife had set new goals for their print environment, which included adding color printers, increasing duplex printing, advancing printer consolidation, and strengthening security. In addition, MetLife planned to lay the groundwork for individual job tracking, contribute to carbon footprint reductions, introduce mobile printing, and reduce overall costs. HP designed a solution, which catered to all of Metlife’s needs and helped them move forward with every one of their goals. Moreover, Metlife also reduced their number of devices by 30 percent, resulting in 12 percent paper savings.

Innovation with a Purpose

Apart from state-of-the-art solutions and tools, HP also has a strong support model in place that is specifically designed for each client. Organizations can maximize uptime and availability of their imaging and printing environment while minimizing costs by leveraging HP’s remote management services. A remotely located engineer monitors the fleet and keeps it working and secure. When maintenance or repair services are required, a remote engineer will try to resolve the issue or diagnose the problem and dispatch a technician to go onsite. They will ensure the technician has the right parts, so the problem is fixed the first time. The remote, proactive services provided by HP support the continuous optimization process, including supplies alerting and ordering, reconfiguration, break-fix support, compliance maintenance, print queue, and driver management, and more. Given their strong support and solutions portfolio and over 50 years of operational excellence in the industry, today HP caters to over 6000 clients that avail their MPS services located across 170 countries.

In the days to come, HP will evolve with the changing needs of the world, rethinking strategies to make life better for everyone, everywhere. As part of this commitment, HP continues to invest in and scale its impact sourcing initiative to prevent post-consumer plastic from entering the waterways and oceans. Recently the company announced to increase recycled content plastic in its personal systems and print hardware and supplies to 30 percent by 2025. “This isn’t a nice to do, it’s a business imperative. Brands that lead with purpose and stand for more than the products they sell will create the most value for customers, shareholders and society as a whole. Together with our partners, we will build on our progress and find innovative new ways to turn the challenges of today into the opportunities of tomorrow,” states Weisler.


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Dion Weisler, President & CEO

Secure MPS starts with HP's core delivery of managed print services to harden and sustain device security. Then their credentialed security advisors co-develop a custom plan with each client to advance their print security to address people, processes, and compliance requirements. HP helps companies implement solutions to better predict costs, increase uptime, and enhance security. The company achieves these by fleet predictability or controlling costs and delivering predictable results. The most sensitive data can be protected and the network can be defended against attacks with the HP’s most secure printing. HP MPS also streamline, automate, and mobilise business processes to enhance productivity