HTG: Boosting End-to-End Life Cycle Management

Kermit B Macaulay, President & CEO
“IT executives consistently follow an approach of being more strategic and aligned with lines of business while managing leaner internal resources with tighter budgets,” says Kermit Macaulay, President/CEO, HTG, Inc. Many CIOs find it cost-ineffective to hire and manage multiple skilled engineers whose utilization is high only during active implementation projects. “Thereby, we provide a strong, vetted pool of resources with deep industry experience to assist companies during peak time,” adds Macaulay. Headquartered in Washington, HTG, Inc. specializes in nationwide technology deployments, system conversions/refresh projects, data center relocations, systems integration, staff augmentation and full service secure IT asset disposition offerings (ITAD). The company increasingly develops programs that out-task the management of end-to-end lifecycle services focused on procuring, configuring, deploying, maintaining, and retiring end user devices.

HTG’s secure end-to-end life cycle management is extended across verticals for enhanced performance with reduced expenses. As a single source provider, HTG and its clients take advantage of increased economies of scale. HTG’s “Process Automation” and “Lowest Common Denominator” process assures the usage of qualified resources at lowest costs to procure and deploy technology solutions. “This involves a rigorous process of planning, documentation, and piloting,” says Macaulay. Further, HTG’s Continuous Service Improvement (CSI) is a mechanism that continually examines HTG’s performance and measures it against service-level agreements and customer satisfaction surveys to deliver its services more effectively. Also, HTG’s solutions are driven to overcome risk and compliance challenges. An example, to fill the gaps in life cycle management system and data security, a tracking software is added to all devices before leaving the company’s facility. This provides customers the ability to track, remediate, and recover lost systems.

Having refined its service offerings for more than one and a half decades, HTG stands out in secure asset disposition and remote site shutdown services.
During data center moves, HTG assists clients with end-to-end transporting of equipment and data transport procedures. These services shrink outage windows and allow live data to be transported safely and securely. Rather than holding on to clients’ manpower to perform these services on-site, HTG does this efficiently through its secure ITAD facility.

HTG’s core competency is in providing secure end-to-end IT Life Cycle Management across industries for enhanced performance with reduced expenses

As a part of HTG’s E-Commerce offering, the company maintains global electronic catalogues enabling seamless product acquisition. Through regular engagement with client HTG defines and manages a short list of global standard products. HTG creates product bundles based on defined client roles within the organization. With remarkably few clicks, products are quoted, requisitions created, routed for approval and order is processed. Once products are shipped, automated shipping notifications are routed to the appropriate recipients. Thereby, HTG has reduced the time and manpower necessary to acquire and deploy technology to their end users.

HTG eagerly embraces innovations and continually employs them to keep its best practices fresh. “We use both custom and industry standard tools for Lite and Zero touch deployments in our integration facility. We combine them with post imaging automation techniques to fully prepare new PCs, tablets, servers, routers and more, to be completely plug and play when they arrive at their destination,” says Macaulay.

Moving forward, the company is expanding its services in Seattle and Northern California and will soon offer an extended social collaboration platform to its partners, enabling relevant knowledge to be shared, stored, and searched quickly and reliably.


Vancouver, WA

Kermit B Macaulay, President & CEO

Specializes in nationwide technology deployments, system conversions/refresh projects, data center relocations, systems integration, staff augmentation and full service ITAD.