Hubsai: Delivering Seamless and Secure Home Automation Solutions

Mike Ghodoosian, Chief Executive Officer
The increasing scarcity of fossil fuels and its wide-reaching effects on power-generation processes fast-tracked the development of smart homes and smart cities that bring energy efficiency to the fore. Even so, achieving ubiquitous deployment of smart homes is still an uphill battle. As most smart home devices and services are cloud-native and collect user data without a dedicated authentication process, the general public is apprehensive about maintaining their data privacy and safety within smart homes. The need of the hour is, therefore, a smart home solution that protects user data from malicious remote access and creates a robust contingency that minimizes cloud dependencies.

San Ramon, California-headquartered Hubsai addresses this need with its secure, end-to-end, non-cloud home automation platform. Hubsai’s robust solution delivers seamless home automation for singleand multi-family homeowners as well as owners with multiple properties.

“Our mission is to use an open architecture platform to harness the latest AI, ML, and smart home technology within cross-platform home automation solutions that deliver a simplified smart home experience,” says Mike Ghodoosian, CEO of Hubsai.

Hubsai developed its automation platform around three core pillars: ease of use, user privacy, and ease of ownership. At the core is the Hubsai Hub, which stores homeowner’s information and device data, eliminating reliance on the public cloud for storing sensitive information. It securely connects to the Hubsai App (iOS or Android) and other smart home devices.

The app enables homeowners to remotely schedule automated events and control their smart home devices, allowing them to monitor their homes on the go. These capabilities simplify the conventionally cumbersome smart home management process—which requires users to switch between multiple applications to effectively monitor their devices and homes—turning it into a highly responsive and efficient experience.
The foundation for all device interactions and the communication between the Hubsai App and Hubsai Hub is authenticated using advanced, governmentgrade encryption that eliminates spying, hacking, or system disruptions. Hubsai’s model simplifies and reduces the security risk of home automation ownership, offering subscription plans for various services, including professional smart home installation and support.

Our mission is to continue using an open architecture platform approach to harness the latest AI, ML, and smart home technology within cross-platform home automation solutions that deliver a simplified smart home experience

Hubsai’s end-to-end portfolio of solutions is backed by the comprehensive experience of its seasoned workforce. Its team comprises some of the best scientists to facilitate high-speed signaling that boosts the security and reachability of communication avenues. Hubsai also leverages its partner network comprising leading telecommunications and internet service providers (ISPs) to create a highly efficient infrastructure that effortlessly connects the deployed smart home devices and users.

Smart homes are microcosms of smart cities, so Hubsai is keen to leverage its home automation proficiency and become a crucial player in the smart city technology landscape. Hubsai is currently tailoring its marketing strategies to deliver automation solutions and real-time notifications to the hospitality industry. Hubsai aims to continue providing automation solutions that ensure customer privacy by implementing its patentpending methodology to deliver three tiers of smart home security.


San Ramon, CA

Mike Ghodoosian, Chief Executive Officer

Hubsai is a smart home automation company, which adopts a user-friendly, secure, and non-cloud home automation platform to offer a robust solution for seamless home automation in residential homes, apartments, and multi-family units making smart homes simplified