Huco Consulting: Adept EHS Data Management Provider Delivering Compliance Solutions

Ron Huijsman, Founding Partner ,Sameer Vyas, Founding Partner
There are numerous off-the-shelf EMIS (Environmental Management Information System) software packages available for an Oil and Gas company addressing EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) data management needs. Most of these software packages provide similar benefits and features and choosing one can be difficult, especially when companies have the option of developing an in-house solution that could address specific enterprise needs. Huco Consulting, headquartered at Houston, TX, makes the task of selecting and using an optimal software solution easier, leads customers through a smooth implementation project, and offers ongoing support to keep up with change. “Our experience with leading software systems and deep understanding of EHS allows us to help customers choose an economical solution quickly,” explains Ron Huijsman, Founding Partner of Huco Consulting.

In April of 2008, Huco was formed to help companies use technology to streamline their EHS work practices and reduce their reliance on fragmented single-user solutions. “There are many traditional engineering and environmental consulting firms that have small practices in EHS Data Management, but less than a handful are exclusively focused on it,” says Sameer Vyas, Founding Partner of Huco Consulting. “These larger firms have competing areas of focus and limited experience in our field. Huco provides focused, nimble and cost effective expertise based on the individual needs of each company,” adds Vyas.

The company also addresses integration of IT, EHS and procurement challenges resulting from mergers, acquisitions and divestitures which are common in the Oil and Gas sector. “Our customers'challenges become our challenges, and ultimately, result in opportunities to provide value and satisfaction,” remarks Huijsman. Through open and pro-active discussions, Huco helps organizations with their compliance planning and sustainable operational excellence.
Oil & Gas companies are experiencing increased regulations requiring additional reporting. The EPA frequently updates requirements for the GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Reporting Program, and Huco stays abreast of these changes while sharing developments and solutions with their clients to reduce costs and avoid re-inventing the wheel. Implementing a standard approach to GHG reporting also helps identify methane loss reduction opportunities, improve safety and increase potential revenue.

Apart from leveraging information technology to create better solutions, Huco has expertise in compliance content and their client’s operations and work processes. “Most of our Oil & Gas clients have geographically dispersed operations that are subject to both federal and states specific permits and regulations. We help our customers manage these requirements using technology and company specific content,” says Huijsman. “Because Huco has deconstructed thousands of these permits, our clients are able to leverage best practices and templates as a starting point. This reduces costs and improves quality,” he adds.

Although Huco is a young company, it has become a major player in the EMIS sector, especially in regards to Oil and Gas. Unlike some of its competitors, Huco aims to become a long term partner with its clients, providing value beyond the initial implementation by helping with software upgrades, new regulations, training, and more. Huco believes having an understanding of client’s processes and organizational structure is also essential as it improves the user experience, on-going support, scalability, and knowledge sharing within the company as well as industry peers. This enables Huco to maintain long term, multiyear engagements with its clients. In other words, they provide “solutions beyond software and regulations.” Vyas adds “our focus on organizational processes and building relationships is critical to our success.”

In the coming years, Huco Consulting is planning to extend their offerings to other sectors as well. “The kind of work we do for Oil and Gas is applicable to other industries that are facing compliance challenges,” concludes Vyas.

Huco Consulting

Atlanta, GA

Ron Huijsman, Founding Partner ,Sameer Vyas, Founding Partner

Huco delivers compliance solutions to manage EHS,risk and operational sustainability.We help you select a solution, design it for your needs, set it up with quality content, and provide you long term support to maintain it.We have been very successful helping a wide variety clients across the U.S.(O&G, energy, chemical, utilities, metals & pulp/paper). Providing high quality cost effective solutions with responsive and knowledgeable staff is what we do well.