HumanGeo: Re-defining The Digital Human Geography Space

CIO Vendor Social media provides a variety of context data to help understand business environments better.In the 2012 London Olympics, Media Monitor, InterPOL, and GeoChat technology were used by the UK government to monitor online information for indicators of events that could be disruptive to the Olympic Games. The infusion of social media’s contextual data with 21st century location-based smart systems is generating geospatial context, which is helping forward-thinking companies to deliver tailor-made information to users based on location. Highlighting the importance of geo-location data is HumanGeo, a technology and analytics innovator in geospatial context with robust capabilities in hyper-local advertising, threat monitoring, and activity modeling. Founded in 2011, this elite Veteran Owned Small Business is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, with a commercially focused branch in Manhattan, NY.
“Over the last five years, we have witnessed tremendous growth in location-based technologies,” observes Abe Usher, Chief Innovation Officer at HumanGeo. “With the advent of the Apple iPhone and the subsequent adoption of Google Android, there is a growing appetite across consumer and government markets for intelligent software systems that can tie location data together.” HumanGeo provides cutting-edge applications and tools to manage and exploit large data sets; non-traditional cyber security and rapid search and data capture capabilities. Using advanced data analysis techniques, the company focuses on tackling Big Data challenges in the geospatial domain. The company’s six star products—Red Ax, Mineshaft, GeoChat, Mobius, InterPOL, and Media Monitor are cloud-based Big Data Analytics platforms and social media applications provide enhanced location-based information that geospatially capture, filter and analyze Big Data across all media in seconds; enabling organizations to make better decisions faster, oversee incidents, crises and evolve situations in real-time.“Our products have seen adoption from several verticals including major sports league franchises, government agencies, private industry, and universities,” says Al Di Leonardo, the CEO of HumanGeo.

“Our technologists have the rare distinction of having built innovative, customer-driven solutions while deployed overseas in support of special operations forces,”

In another occasion, the government was able to identify disruptive activities and dispatch law enforcement officers to ensure public safety and preserve good order. On the competitive front, HumanGeo’s Geo-Fusion Center offers 24/7 data processing, where vast content from the web is constantly collected and organized geographically, to provide customers detailed insights into activities around the world. It also maintains a historical database called the GeoIndex, a collection of more than 100 million geolocated buildings and places of interest world-wide, which help put information into useful context. HumanGeo’s dynamic map of the world is updated daily by algorithms that synthesize information from dozens of sources providing the insight for clients to understand their operating environments before making key decisions. HumanGeo’s vision is to “understand the world” by building advanced geospatial systems that help analyze digital human geography in 21st century. It stands proud with the congregation of top-tier analysts and technologists from elite military and U. S Government organizations that staff its ranks. “Our technologists have the rare distinction of having built innovative, customer-driven solutions while deployed overseas in support of special operations forces,” notes Di Leonardo, who formerly was an officer in the U.S. Army and served with U.S. Special Operations.Going forward, HumanGeo will expand its geospatial capabilities by creating web-service APIs that allow commercial customers to obtain hyper-local information in the form of news, events, demographics and places of interest on any location in the world. The company continues to see high demand for their products and services as they plan to spin out a pure product focused company in Q1 2014 to focus solely on the commercial markets.


HumanGeo provides best in class applications for analyzing geolocated Big Data.