HummingbirdShare: Real-time Knowledge Sharing Platform

Michael Kada, CEO
“If money is the life stream of an economy, then knowledge and expertise are the blood stream of a company,” asserts Michael Kada, CEO, HummingbirdShare. While serving leadership roles in formal and informal learning, and sales enablement, Kada staged one of the largest social learning and knowledge sharing programs at Microsoft. There he learnt that people in an organization are not aware of their and each other’s potential, and often have difficulty in finding relevant information due to information overload, leading to duplication of work.

This absence of employee information and disability to connect scattered knowledge and expertise within organizations, gave Kada the opportunity to lay the cornerstone of QuantumVerse that enables instant knowledge sharing through HummingbirdShare, which allows professionals to share their expertise and connect with one another. “HummingbirdShare combines a multimedia repository with advanced social networking and expert finder capabilities,” adds Kada.

With the accelerating speed of businesses, it is essential for companies to make quick decisions, accessing the collective intelligence of their employees. HummingbirdShare helps companies capture the knowledge of employees and places it in a central location, where it is organized for further use. Designed for collaboration and seamless information sharing, HummingbirdShare’s analytical capabilities evaluate the type of information being used, to ensure the optimization of knowledge. “We illustrate a significant set of information required by employees that are useful in effective content creation for business expansion,” says Kada.

Sales and marketing being critical aspects of any organization, HummingbirdShare helps reduce the duplication of work within teams. Business processes are slowed down and expenditures are raised if disconnected team members don’t utilize best practices and communicate critical marketing messages to customers. HummingbirdShare’s Sales and Marketing Enablement solution enables teams to assist each other to leverage existing content. Another area where clients benefit from HummingbirdShare’s expertise is the on-boarding of new employees. HummingbirdShare automates the effort of training new hires by enabling them to access appropriate content, key contact, and information needed to become productive, within a central platform.

Our solution, HummingbirdShare combines a central multimedia platform with advanced social networking and expert finder capabilities

The application allows new hires to view employee profiles of people they are going to work with, and indulge in better conversations once they start working together. This can slash down the on-boarding time by as much as 50 percent.

HummingbirdShare relies heavily on technologies like Microsoft Azure and .NET, which makes the application scalable and easy to access and sign up. While using these underlying building blocks to make the application seamless, the company’s core concern is to provide enhanced user experience. “It makes a difference, whether users in an organization are going to use and adopt the application,” cites Kada. HummingbirdShare is currently working with a firm where tons of collaterals are produced, but they have little insights on the type of content being utilized. HummingbirdShare connects information and organizes it, ensuring collaboration for contents to be shared.

CIOs understand that it is important to have the ability to share information across departments and groups. With the right knowledge management strategy in place, employees, marketers, and sales people will work more efficiently and increase revenue by developing the ability to find the right information without losing hours searching for it.

With in-depth experience in the knowledge management field, Kada is always ready to help users identify the best use cases to benefit within an organization. “My aim is to make companies realize that formal learning—building courses and pushing them down to employees—can be replaced with informal learning using HummingbirdShare,” says Kada. For the days to come, Kada is aspiring to create a knowledge network that can utilize social functionalities to spread information wherever needed.


Redmond, WA

Michael Kada, CEO

HummingbirdShare allows professionals to share their expertise and connect with one another in a firm