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Krystian Sergiejew, Co-Founder & Partner/EU Operations; David Laiderman Co-Founder & Partner and Dan Nuon, Creative Director & Partner/US Operations Every online business owner aspires to observe an influx of frequent visitors, indicative of an intuitive commercial front end. Despite achieving this to a certain degree, the strategies needed to drive up revenue are similar to the ones used in traditional, physical business outlets. Just as how a visually enticing showroom or excellent customer service attracts significant foot traffic, a well-organized, easy to navigate, functionally-engaging website motivates the visitor to conduct business with the organization. However, the process of generating optimum revenue from a website can go well beyond its aesthetics. Adopting the right SEO practices, creating an engaging shopping experience, and understanding the customers' psychology plays a significant role in successfully monetizing and nurturing a business.

While many organizations create their websites, they fail to present their brand in the right light to their customers. Hungry Media was founded to provide monetization strategies that help such companies turn their websites and apps into tools that effortlessly generate revenue and expedite their business growth. The company designs stunning websites and captivating apps and bolsters its offerings with tried and tested digital marketing strategies rooted in the expertise of its founding team.

The '4 D' Approach to A Successful Project

"I think one of the most common misconceptions that people have, when developing a website, is they believe that design alone is enough to generate revenue," says Dan Nuon, Creative Director, and Partner at Hungry Media. Although a user-friendly website design is crucial to ensuring successful sales, organizations need to also understand their target demographics' behavioral patterns. Using this analytical data, Hungry Media can educate its clients on what web designs result in the highest conversion rates, and ultimately, help them make better marketing decisions within their company. Hungry Media works with its clients to create flows of action that engage website visitors into purchasing products.

The company adhered to this principle even while it was involved in the creation of several CRM solutions. Cumbersome and complex systems create a detrimental digital environment for employees and inevitably affect the organization's business performance. Hungry Media instead aims at designing simple, user-intuitive interfaces that would drastically improve employee satisfaction and help nurture a stronger bond with their organization.

"Hungry Media executes its solutions via a four-step approach—discovery, design, develop, and deploy," says David Laiderman, Co-Founder and Partner.

Hungry Media executes its solutions via a four-step approach—discovery, design, develop, and deploy

In the discovery process, Hungry Media meets with the client to discuss concepts and expectations to identify the requisites needed to create the ideal product. Unlike other agencies that focus on improving the clients' tech, Hungry Media uses its discovery phase to make the most efficient monetization models for better profit margins. Moving forward into the design stage, Hungry Media aims to create aesthetically-pleasing, functional interfaces that reflect the client's intended brand image. Hungry Media also creates multiple prototypes so clients can customize the final product without additional/redundant costs. Once the most preferred prototype model is confirmed, the company begins developing the product. Regular meetings are held with the client to measure progress, and status reports are frequently sent to ensure the entire process's documentation. This continues into the deployment phase, too, as Hungry Media provides rigorous testing, detailed QA, and a formulaic launch process to ensure that the client is always aware and in control of the whole operation.

Expertise That Ensures Client Satisfaction

Hungry Media's team of forward-thinkers incorporates their knowledge, ascribed to their experience spanning several decades, into the clients' projects. The company uses its technological and marketing know-how to reinforce the clients' products' market presence and drive more traffic to them. The trio at the helm of the company—Dan Nuon, David Laiderman and Krystian Sergiejew—have spent a sizeable period of their careers together creating, developing, and selling companies that relied on web and mobile-related assets. "Our extensive experience of being in the clients' shoes is what sets us apart from the competition,” says Laiderman.

The core Hungry Media team helped pioneer the online food ordering space. Having developed and sold several successful platforms such as College Advertising Solutions, 2Dollar Delivery, and YNOT Advertising to prominent enterprises, they have proven their engineering and digital marketing proficiency. Such a wealth of knowledge allows Hungry Media to work as a technical advisor or an outsourced CTO for the client. The Hungry Media team can coach the client to build a marketable product, track its monetization, and improve strategies/business operations to thrive in their industry.

Hungry Media's engagement with Papa John's highlights how its expertise in creating user-intuitive apps helped turn the business's tides. The web development firm was hired to create a custom mobile ordering and payment system for franchisee use. It also had to rebuild a legacy marketing automation program for school fundraiser nights. Hungry Media built the required ecommerce solution, increased the family fundraiser participation by 18%, and improved the average transaction size by 43% in its first month of deployment.
Continuing with their experience in payments, Hungry Media is now developing one of the first brands to target “in restaurant” ordering and payment with OrderEx. The technology is positioned to enhance a restaurant’s servers to drive higher wages, incremental revenue, and healthier profit margins—something the industry is in high demand for currently. “Working with our Hungry Media team has proven to be an efficient partnership and market competitive advantage,” said Jonathan McCottry, OrderEx CTO.

Other Trends in Tech

Hungry Media is now seeing some really interesting trends in technology. One of their more recent clients, Tag, is an app building off the next evolution in social media, where users are pulled into physical activity similar to Tik Tok. Additionally, with the rapid shift in online commerce, Hungry Media is seeing customers race to develop their online presence and compete in niche industries, like Outdoor Exchange. Arguably one of the most popular outdoor equipment retailers in the Pacific Northwest, Outdoor Exchange is building an app for an improved online equipment exchange experience.

"Our success mainly lies in the way we interact with our customers. We allow the product to shape itself into the requirements of the user, not the other way round"

Creating Avenues for Communication among Teams

The team at Hungry Media has a dedicated staff who knows how to implement and leverage various software to achieve maximum efficiencies. This is especially useful during the post-deployment phase when clients need help in managing their marketing initiatives. With experts in SEM, SEO, DSP, Google Ad management, and more, Hungry Media can readily lend its tech stack to clients in need.

"Our success mainly lies in the way we interact with our customers. We allow the product to shape itself into the requirements of the user, not the other way around," says Laiderman. An example of this ideology is Hungry Media's work with Veterans Home Care, where the firm used Amazon's Alexa and a partnership with Constant Companion, to create a brand called Smart Companion. The company’s technology improves connectivity between seniors aging at home and their families to get easy access to healthcare solutions using voice technology.

Interestingly, the inception of Hungry Media did not start with its vision being a software development agency. It evolved from a dependable core team's success and an idea that aimed to bridge the communication gap between programmers and marketing experts. "The company was founded to transform concepts into proprietary technology products," adds Nuon. Hungry Media aims to build an environment where customers can communicate seamlessly with the engineering team responsible for building their products. "We built a system that eliminates the bureaucracy of traditional agencies, and instead, facilitates the collaboration of teams to forge solutions more efficiently. We are having a lot of fun with our clients and we’re always hungry for more," concludes Laiderman.

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Krystian Sergiejew, Co-Founder & Partner/EU Operations; David Laiderman Co-Founder & Partner and Dan Nuon, Creative Director & Partner/US Operations

Hungry Media brings powerful and affordable digital solutions to any project, no matter the scope. The company's team of senior-level developers, designers, and consultants take pride in creating the strongest digital experiences possible while bringing their client's unique visions to life. It makes stunning websites optimized for all of the client's visitors, regardless of screen size or device. Hungry Media also develops apps on iOS and Android and creates marketing strategies to improve a client's revenue

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