Hunite: Revolutionizing The Mobile WorkForce

CIO Vendor Innovative IT executives agree it is time to unify information across a widening range of On-premise, Cloud and mobile initiatives.

Large organizations often have important information scattered over multiple systems like SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Microsoft, Taleo, SuccessFactors, Kronos and others. This results in a mobile employee and manager usability and access challenge. Information is scattered over these systems and creates confusion amongst managers and employees. Different solutions exist for HR, workforce planning, absence management, recruitment, performance management, learning and more. This results in a really bad experience for employees, with multiple logins and a burdening cognitive process in learning to use all these different system.

A Simple Idea

This can all be prevented if employees could see the required content, in one app instead of all over the place. This solution began in 2011 in Holland with CEO and founder Michel Slager. Michel had been a tech entrepreneur for 20 years and he loved the way mobile apps changed his life. He was convinced that a user centric mobile solution could revolutionize the way companies work. The firm devised a user experience that empowers managers and employees with one mobile, unified and personalized user experience to information, processes and collaboration. With a new, fresh, employee-centric and consumer-like presentation Hunite allowed the workforce to get their own answers: less Service Center workload, guaranteed Cost Saving and Employee Engagement.

All The Right Reasons For A Success Story

Unlike traditional portal platforms and siloed mobile solutions, Hunite extracts, combines and contextualizes data from existing systems via standard integration packages and API's. Hunite is an "Out of the Box" solution, ready to go live in weeks with pre-built integration packages.
Hunite does not conflict with existing technology, instead it maximizes the value of investments made. Prevent burning valuable IT resources in deploying multiple siloed apps and traditional portal platforms with a massive security challenge.
"Analysts agree usability is not just a ‘nice to have’. Hunite is a user experience under strict corporate control and identity, giving employees what they want, need and expect to perform their jobs more effectively." says Michel. He goes on to add “It engages and empowers employees and not just executives or the people working in the office but all the thousands of employees in your company.”

Taking the Industry By Storm

Hunite has been awarded Game Changer in Europe, named COOL Vendor by Gartner and AWESOME New Technology in the US. Hunite was fortunate enough to excite Les Hayman, a former SAP board member, to join as Chairman and in January 2014 a two million dollars Angel funding was secured to accelerate growth.
The company that has achieved so much in such short time has plans to revolutionize the mobile workforce globally. In the immediate future, Hunite will grow its partner network, set up additional offices in UK, Germany, Singapore and Australia and move its headquarters from Holland to Silicon Valley.

Hunite is a user experience under strict corporate control and identity, giving employees what they want, need and expect to perform their jobs more effectively


A provider of an employee centric mobile user experience for the Enterprise