HVE ConneXions: Optimizing Infrastructure Virtualization

Joseph O' Daniel, Founder
“Our business is driven by fulfilling the needs of our customers beyond their expectations," says Joseph O'Daniel (Joe), the Founder of HVE ConneXions. “Necessity is the mother of invention; this is true with the inception of HVE,” he adds. With a depth of expertise in network technology, security, and virtualization, in addition to the insight and knowledge gained through leading a number of businesses as CTO, Joe is driving his company to engineer virtualization solutions that exceed customer expectations. The Dallas, Texas, based company was formed out of the necessity for affordable and versatile hardware, and is strongly grounded on an engineering philosophy dedicated to creating manageable, scalable, reproducible, and predictable solutions.

HVE possesses a VMware Technology Alliance Partnership and leverages the VMware open source platform to provide management solutions to their customers. "HVE provides innovative solutions to our customers while helping them reduce total cost of ownership," says Joe.

HVE remains focused on next generation technologies and the most robust end user desktop experience possible while leveraging VMware View software. The firm assists all sizes of business and educational entities to deploy an efficient Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with centralized servers to reduce infrastructure costs in datacenters. HVE has mastered the art of developing unique solutions for satisfying the specific needs of customers by delivering fully configured and ready to deploy VDI solutions. Of the many benefits of the HVE VDI solution, one of the most cost effective would be the ability to remain device agnostic and leverage any end point device that the customer wishes.

The company’s next-generation server virtualization solution, the high performing product—HVE STAGE, is scalable and capable of pre-configuration for storage area networks or network-attached storage compatibility, which facilitates flexible and high performing server virtualization.

HVE focuses on providing the ultimate virtualization experience by engineering next generation technologies while leveraging VMware software

HVE’s mastery in furnishing enterprise specific virtualization technology solutions has helped many organizations improve their everyday operations and increase profitability. For instance, a school district had a primitive traditional desktop system in place, which required ten to fifteen minutes for each student to log in before they got started for the day. The customer also lacked a collaborative platform where teachers could effectively monitor student performance through a common digital space. District management was searching for a cost effective technology solution which they received from HVE ConneXions. After implementing the HVE VDI solution, the students could walk in, log on to their PCs, and start working immediately on whatever materials or projects they needed. The district was able to utilize a collaborative platform with active teacher-student participation. Every unused device in the organization was converted into productive devices helping manage multiple flash and media applications to better support education.

The company, over the past four years, has successfully served a large number of enterprises with cost effective and highly productive virtualized and cloud infrastructures. Forging ahead, the firm is leveraging their monitoring solutions, proactive support, and next generation product lines to help clients stay ahead of the competition. To meet a global need, the company is planning for a wide expansion by offering their solution across the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

HVE ConneXions

Dallas, TX

Joseph O' Daniel, Founder and David Harmon,President, Chris Cunningham, VP & CFO

HVE specializes in VMware landscape to enable traditional IT infrastructure virtualization

HVE ConneXions