Hydus an XTIVIA Company: Developing Capabilities through SOA Integration

Today, the role of SOA is evolving as a practical and relevant component for delivering agility to enterprises. However, CIOs observe the most frequent challenge in the SOA landscape is the lack of holistic enterprise vision or a practical roadmap that supports the vision, while embarking upon a SOA initiative. This results in improper utilization of SOA investments, instability and unreliability of SOA solutions, and unrealized ROI. Neutralizing this challenge, Hydus, an Enterprise Information Management (EIM) company, extends a strategic approach to SOA adoption, encouraging a practical roadmap for incremental delivery of the SOA capabilities, including delivery of Event Enterprise. Their SOA strategy enables organizations to develop a strong architectural and delivery approach for successful business capability deployment to meet business drivers. “Our approach to SOA adoption enables our customers to deliver channel independent capabilities with an emphasis on first-time: on-time delivery of the business capabilities. Our out-of-the-box auditing, exception handling, and monitoring and management solutions encourage our customers to focus on capability services rather than utility services along with promised ROI,” says Sharma Anupindi, CTO, Hydus an XTIVIA Company.

We specialize in SOA solutions, providing organizations with complete SOA strategy, adoption, implementation, and support services

With the development of multi-channel Omni-solutions, Hydus implements the business capabilities once and executes them from multiple channels enabling re-use and extensibility through routing, transformation, and API Exchanges. Also, to foster greater information visibility for business users, HIS has incorporated Hadoop persistence to ESB. Further, to incorporate the API buzz, Hydus leverages SOA to extend customer capabilities to their partners through the API Exchange patterns. “Thereby, we are assisting customers leverage their SOA solutions and help CIO organizations lead the business in their go-to market strategies” adds Anupindi.

“We specialize in SOA solutions, providing organizations with complete SOA strategy, adoption, implementation, and support services,” says Anupindi. Hydus Integration Services (HIS) is a SOA based suite combining Audit and Exceptions Management services for integration project. HIS provides visibility into business transactions through the company’s custom Map Reduce programs.
CIO VendorSharma Anupindi, CTO
“Because HIS adopts SOA principles, any client application can invoke HIS capabilities to store transaction information into Hadoop as a Service call. Similarly, HIS centralizes all exceptions logging and resolution and provides 360 degree view of all transactions and exceptions,” says Anupindi. Furthermore, adhering to the principles of leveraging existing assets, HIS for Exceptions Management works with the existing exception definitions of the customer implementations and does not require changes to the existing solutions.

Hydus also offers Hydus Workflow Framework (HWF), which is an enterprise architecture framework for standardizing all BPM implementations across the enterprise. HWF enables customers to focus on best-in-breed SOA and BPM technologies for building enterprise services that are orchestrated in BPM and UI technologies for better usability and multi-channel experience. The framework also allows customers to upgrade individual components, such as UI and routing logic without impacting the total BPM solution.
“We not only offer relevant SOA solutions, but also keep them updated with the latest technological trends—emerging in this arena,” affirms Anupindi.

Hydus workforce comprises of talented individuals who stand stiff upon the promise of experience, expertise, and excellence. The company’s tenacity onEIM—SOA, BPM, DW, and BI—aids Hydus’ team to be the best in this space and allows customers to focus on business objectives and solutions instead of technology.

For the future, Hydus desires to continue focus on SOA approach for multi-channel solutions and event-enterprise. The company also seeksto stay dexterous in the arena of real-time integration/SOA, BPM, Data Warehousing, and BI to deliver the real-time actionable intelligence advantage to customers. “Recently, we have tied a knot with XTIVIA family, which has strong Portal, CRM, DB Managed Services, and BI offerings, and thereby, we are looking forward to a stronger experience in these niche areas,” concludes Anupindi.

Hydus an XTIVIA Company

Missouri City, TX

Sharma Anupindi, CTO

Specializes in SOA technologies to provide Enterprise Integration, Business Intelligence and Data warehousing solutions to customers.