Hyla Soft: Geared Toward the Manufacturing Landscape of Tomorrow

Ettore Soldi, Managing Director, North America
We are living during a very exciting period for the American manufacturing landscape. Manufacturing is returning to U.S. soil, an era already labeled by some as the American Manufacturing Renaissance. “Increasing labor and logistics costs abroad and the growing demand for ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ products have presented a new opportunity for American manufacturing,” notes Ettore Soldi, Managing Director, Hyla Soft North America. However, this revival also presents new challenges for companies. To remain competitive, they need to reduce their time to market and production costs, while improving product quality, demand forecasting, and production efficiency. “This is where we come in,” announces Soldi. With the right tools and technologies to fill the gaps between engineering and execution, and between the supply chain and execution, Hyla Soft helps customers gain a competitive advantage in the U.S. and beyond.

“We provide creative technology solutions that advance the way the manufacturing world works,” remarks Soldi, who has always had a passion for disruptive innovation. This spurred him to support and undertake projects that involve disruptive innovation throughout his professional career. “This has also been a guiding factor for us at Hyla Soft,” he adds. For instance, Hyla Soft has a great level of success introducing and implementing new global IT solutions for Machine Data Acquisition (MDA) and Direct Numerical Control (DNC) systems for machine integration. These new technologies have the potential to dramatically reduce the costs of production execution, data collection, and data analysis.

Innovation is not only important to Hyla Soft, “but it is the driving force behind the projects we undertake, the solutions we provide, and the impact we aim to make in manufacturing IT,” reveals Soldi. One of the company’s exciting projects involves the use of wearables on the plant floor to improve communication, collaboration, and performance support among both the execution and management teams of the production process. This drive to innovate coupled with its customer-centricity and global presence is why Hyla Soft stays far ahead of the curve.
Leveraging its broad experience focused over multiple practice niches, Hyla Soft works with customers to recognize pain points and identify opportunities for greater efficiency, better productivity, and improved quality control. “After analyzing a customer’s specific needs and business goals, we identify and deliver optimal solutions to all layers within the manufacturing process, from product life cycle and supply chain to manufacturing execution and quality control,” states Soldi.

Configuring Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Machine Data Acquisition (MDA) systems are often intricate processes. Nevertheless, Hyla Soft is adept at both. While implementing those systems for its customers, Hyla Soft uses cutting edge simulation technology such as Tecnomatix Plant Simulation to model the plants. Simulations contain all the equipment signals discovered during on-site analyses.

“Equipment failures and material sensors built into the simulations drive the values of these signals,” says Soldi. Hyla Soft’s plant and line simulation expertise reduces customer configuration time considerably, at the same time enabling clients to verify their configuration, stress test the system, and troubleshoot problems in a controlled environment.

We provide creative technology solutions that advance the way the manufacturing world works

Hyla Soft’s future looks busy. It is estimating a growth rate in revenue by almost 100 percent next year. “We are continuously taking on more projects and initiatives, and we are rapidly expanding our customer and partner network,” points out Soldi. The company is committed to delivering innovative technologies, while also increasing its investment and focus in the supply chain management area of manufacturing.

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Ettore Soldi, Managing Director, North America

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