Hyperwallet: Heralding the New-Age Earning Revolution

Consider an ecommerce marketplace located in a developing market like South America, distributing payouts to sellers through checks or bank transfer. The process might appear efficient on the surface, but it comes with certain impediments: payment delivery is often slow and opaque, becoming increasingly complicated with each additional currency. The result is a poor payout experience with negative consequences for the sellers’ chances of success on the platform.

Striving to unlock new growth opportunities for clients who have globally dispersed payees, Hyperwallet offers a fast and flexible solution to break this status quo. Hyperwallet’s comprehensive payout platform includes a range of payment options—local bank transfers, physical or virtual prepaid cards, existing debit cards, cash pickup, and check delivery—and enables payees to self-select their payout method from an online portal.

Enhancements in merchant acquiring businesses and the P2P payments space have driven individuals to expect a quick, transparent, and choice-oriented payment method. With the rise of ecommerce and gig economy platforms, we’ve also seen fundamental changes in the way people work and earn (Hyperwallet calls it ‘the Earning Revolution’) which have amplified the demand for a better payout solution.

“At the intersection of this fragmented, legacy payment infrastructure and an expanding worldwide community that needs to be paid, there is a requirement for a new standard of global payments, and we’re well positioned for that,” says Brent Warrington, CEO of Hyperwallet. The company assists businesses in addressing their payment issues while simultaneously providing extensive control over the payout process.

Through its global financial network— complete with regulatory support and multifarious implementation options for payment gateways—Hyperwallet endows its clients with the confidence to enter new markets and make fast payouts in local currencies.
Hyperwallet’s technology can be integrated into clients’ platforms to maintain a unified brand user experience while streamlining the payee onboarding process. A host of add-on features, like Hyperwallet’s loyalty and rewards programs, also help clients reduce stress on internal teams and achieve strategic objectives.

We aim to step up and ensure that the mass transition to independent work is as smooth as possible

To support their clients’ operations and foster growth, Hyperwallet also offers a range of administrative tools. These features include data reporting tools, which provide the oversight that companies need to make critical business decisions; multi-currency treasury management to streamline funding flows when paying into foreign countries; tax services to automate the collection, validation, and submission of payee tax forms.

Widening their international footprint remains a major priority for Hyperwallet, and the firm has recently opened two new offices in London and Sydney. Along with its continued global expansion, Hyperwallet is also adding new currency support options, languages, and payout methods—enhancing the optionality and extensive coverage of their solution portfolio. With a growing roster of clients, Hyperwallet maintains a soaring success record and is well-positioned to address the growing payout requirements of the Earning Revolution. “This revolution promises to have a significant impact on our economic, social, and political circumstances for decades to come,” notes Warrington. “We aim to step up and ensure that the mass transition to independent work is as smooth as possible."


San Francisco, CA

Brent Warrington, CEO

Provides organizations with a frictionless, transparent, and reliable way to distribute funds to their global contractors, suppliers, and resellers