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Neeraj Garg, COO
The whole business world is abuzz with ‘digital transformation.’ Gone are the days when the best practice to know the customer was through CRM. Today digital footprint does the job of understanding customer behavior and expectation. However, with digital business reaching a tipping point, organizations focus more on the “digital” without understanding what the “transformation” demands. “Customers, today, check websites, online reviews, advice from communities, visiting testimonials and star rating of the websites to decide and buy. Set against this backdrop, organizations need to move them from a physical model to a digital model for valuable customer experience and efficient results,” begins Neeraj Garg, COO, HyTechPro.

Governed by a vision to enable seamless digital transformation, HyTechPro assists organizations caught up in the frenzy of digital transformation by equipping them with next-generation IT services. Backed by nearly 15 years of experience in IT services, various technologies and domains, the company takes a result-oriented approach to digital transformation by developing a ‘7C digital transformation framework’ powered by Business Intelligence (BI). To develop IT strategies that directly address the business problems of the client, Garg and his team at HyTechPro have put innovative, agile and customer-centric procedures in place to strengthen the company’s unique framework. “Rather than acting as mere development partners for our clients, we strike the right chord by suggesting the most suitable technologies for their business,” states Garg.

To begin with, the first ‘C’ stands for ‘Continuous Customer Feedback and Optimization’, which stresses on fostering customer feedback and reviews after launching a product. With a commitment to evangelizing a customer-centric culture, HyTechPro’s framework emphasizes understanding what the customer needs and the vital role of customer feedback in propelling a product and the business forward. “Once you have the customer feedback, the ‘Continuous Business Planning’ aspect of the framework allows the teams to plan, strategize and implement the feedback, making it available for your end-users,” adds Garg.

Following this, the most important stage of the framework is ‘Collaborative Development’, wherein developers create the product as per the customer feedback. Teams at HyTechPro leverages JIRA for bug tracking and agile project management.

Rather than acting as mere development partners for our clients, we strike the right chord by suggesting the most suitable technologies for their business

Analysts and developers work hand-in-glove for understanding the feedback and converting it into technical tasks. It is essential that continuous processing and testing take place simultaneously to ensure the product is foolproof. That’s when ‘Continuous Testing’ comes into the picture to eliminate defects from the product. As the entire process is time-consuming, HyTechPro makes use of numerous automation tools to run the test scripts faster.

HyTechPro conducts ‘Continuous Integration’ using tools such as TeamCity and Jenkins, which compile the codes and alerts the user in case there are errors while inserting the codes. At the ‘Continuous Deployment’ stage, The Docker tool deploys the code correctly. The final stage involves ‘Continuous Monitoring’ of the product before launching it to the market. Besides digital transformation and product engineering, HyTechPro also offers Salesforce consulting services for development, customization, implementation, migration, integration and more. The firm’s digital transformation framework connects with the organizations’ HR and BI systems, for extracting information about the customers. The company offers a single platform where all systems interact with one another, making way for better understanding the customers.

That’s not all; HyTechPro guides businesses in implementing the four pillars of digital transformation—SMAC, which stands for social presence, mobility, analytics, and cloud. In doing so, the company assists clients in leveraging the right BI tools, thereby enhancing their capability to churn customer data and conduct predictive analysis about their preferences and purchase behavior. According to Garg, BI plays an essential part in the implementation of SMAC. Moving forward, HyTechPro is dedicated to educating their clients on the best ways to make optimal use of tools to complete the digital transition successfully, automate their processes, and experience steady growth.


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Neeraj Garg, COO

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