i2e Consulting: SharePoint and Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Sudhir Karanth, Founder & CEO, Sri Kanagala, Founder & Director
Today, companies are coming up with new ways to collaborate in a safe and secure environment. Consequently, organizations are turning to SharePoint platform to create enterprise applications and analytics dashboards, enabling customers to use it as a secure place to store, collaborate, organize, share, and access information from almost any device. However, the lack of effective mobility strategies for SharePoint poses a problem for CIOs as their staff and business community users are increasingly utilizing multiple devices such as tablets and smartphones. With an aim to address the customer’s SharePoint challenges, i2e Consulting provides innovative approach to solve enterprise IT problems of clients across the world. The company specializes in Project and Portfolio Management solutions. “The SharePoint Center of Excellence within i2e not only comes up with innovative solutions from its research, but also helps clients achieve their business goals,” says Sudhir Karanth, CEO, i2e Consulting.

Focused on healthcare, i2e Consulting thoroughly analyzes business requirements, extracts relevant intelligence from its vast research and experience of healthcare projects and aligns it with business goals of the customer. i2e also helps in providing seamless, streamlined integration of multiple data sources to build trusted platforms. i2e has used state of the art technology to build relevant analytical tools and delivered deeper data insights for their customers.

i2e Consulting has developed Risk Register, a SharePoint 2013 application that is exclusively designed for risk management and is the first choice for risk management in mission critical projects. Risk representation using heat maps and other visualization techniques sets Risk Register apart from other tools in the market.“Our clients use this tool for organizational risk assessments and it also acts as a central repository for all risks identified by the project or organization,” says Vishal Rane, Head of Mobility, i2e Consulting.

i2e Consulting has helped various organizations enhance their project insight. As patents expire over the next three to five years, life sciences companies need to look for greater innovation and collaboration with other partners.

i2e ideas to execution: Delivering actionable project portfolio data to consumers with an enhanced user experience using leading edge scalable technologies

In this context, two major drug companies were conducting a joint study on a life saving drug; they required a secure platform to exchange and collaborate clinical study data. Upon engagement, i2e Consulting team recommended SharePoint platform based solution for collaborating study data across companies. A secure and comprehensive solution was delivered which enabled managers to easily analyze and collaborate the data and make swift and correct decisions using their tablets.

Moving ahead, the company plans to release additional Project and Portfolio Management related apps. Consumerization of IT is the latest disruptive event in enterprise IT. Corporates are accommodating employee pressure for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Bring Your Own Apps (BYOA) requests. With over 1.5 million downloads of their business apps Project Planning Pro and Mind Vector, i2e Consulting is now delivering apps that unlock the potential of SharePoint onto mobile platforms.

Looking to the future, i2e Consulting intends to be a lean and nimble technology partner for its customers and will add value to their customers’ business by incorporating leading edge technologies and continue to provide incremental value through their expertise.

i2e Consulting

Sudhir Karanth, Founder & CEO, Sri Kanagala, Founder & Director and Vishal Rane, Founder & Director Prashant Apte, Founder & Director

Provides innovative enterprise solutions to clients across the world and also offers portfolio planning and implementation support to drive value for its clients.