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Carlos Pratas, Principal of IB Labs
The growing economic uncertainty, regulatory instability, and fragmentation urge compliance leaders to rethink how to address strategic and operational guidance on GRC and ESG disciplines. Executives with limited resources face the problem of meeting growing expectations in continuously changing environments with the necessary and detailed evaluations of critical risk areas. Consequently, businesses focus on gaining expertise across a broader range of subjects to deliver real value.

By motivating staff to share, build connections, and deliver real learning opportunities, businesses can bring about GRC digital transformations and develop new mitigation actions that add value. IB Labs, one of the fastest growing GRC and ESG Software companies, delivers this agility through a real composable applications platform and offers executives timely delivery at lower costs.

“Our composable architecture allows all types and sizes of companies to benefit from IB Solutions,” says Carlos Pratas, principal of IB Labs.

Better, faster, and more resilient organizations depend on transparency and management of GRC and ESG process flows and data to optimize human and digital workers via composability and automation. IB’s efficient composability helps keep up with the accelerating pace of business change while lessening risk exposure. Deep experience in data migration and legacy systems conversion enables customers to quickly use their data. IB’s solution is expandable and can integrate other tools and legacy systems through APIs. Integration with different human resources structure systems to mirror roles and responsibilities also provides an advantage.

IB’s platform is prepared to accommodate different management models (centralized, semi-decentralized, or decentralized), and its customization model is based on parametrizations with low-cost maintenance and support.

The flexible usage and licensing model allow clients a safe digital transformation and scalable investment with virtually immediate returns. The easy licensing model provides guaranteed interconnectivity between apps. It delivers a smooth way of managing other disciplines without losing any data relationships. The free capability to share data and reports across various areas of the organization gives the power to transform and empower everyone in the company. IB’s solutions adopt a multidimensional perspective, providing clients a broad view to potentiate the action based on companies’ areas, people, processes, assets, customers, and services. Client companies can benefit from adequate resources to manage, monitor, and act on risks, internal controls, action plans, audits, privacy programs, and business continuity plans.
IB solutions’ platform is based on over 20 enterprise-ready, composable apps catering to various GRC and ESG disciplines depicting complete adaptability to the maturity and evolution of each client. It can also deal with each region and country’s legal and regulatory requirements. The platform’s composable architecture allows clients to start with a single app and extend to a broader, complete solution using a transparent composable model of apps inside the platform without any technical intervention.

IB Solutions supports a client’s mission-critical priorities, allowing them to accelerate, validate, and solidify their strategy, enabling faster and smarter decisions in GRC and ESG areas. Leveraging IB platform, executives and managers can use any approach with one or many disciplines in mind. It is flexible enough to accommodate different maturity levels, methodologies, and frameworks and can easily elevate companies to the next level.

Our composable architecture allows all types and sizes of companies to benefit from IB Solutions

To facilitate important decision-making processes, IB empowers decision-makers with sufficient risk-informed data through innovative and automatic dashboards and reporting. Executives can then understand and apply information with digital robot automation tools in different disciplines. This results in reduced risk exposure, increased value capture and creation, lesser unwanted attrition, reduced sensing to response cycle time, and zero effort in reporting and sharing transparent information.

Companies from varied sectors like ArcelorMittal, Vinci Southern Europe Airports, Klabin as one of the leaders in the paper industry, many banks, telecoms, life sciences, e-commerce platforms, big utilities, retail, cosmetics, and health science companies, trust IB’s solutions to deliver better resilience in different markets with global and local requirements. Based on client data and surveys, IB solutions can provide at least a 40 percent error reduction in data, a 95 percent time reduction to get analysis and reports, and a 40 percent error reduction when using risk residual evaluation robots. It also enables a 65 percent cycle time reduction from risk sense to action, a 90 percent time reduction to make mitigation tasks follow-up, and an average of 35 percent in the quality decision.

IB enables clients to have a stable and error-resistant work environment where a single platform connects all data sources from multiple disciplines with absolute transparency. It also provides real-time insights into emerging threats and risk mitigation by turning risk data and reports into reusable assets. In addition, its simplified risk management processes, based on active notifications and tested workflows, bring resilience to all levels of business.

A remote company, IB consists of people from numerous countries and cultures. This mix of cultures, experiences, and backgrounds provides a unique opportunity to share, expand, and build its platform with a composable architecture, enabling companies to grow better, faster, and stronger.

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Carlos Pratas, Principal of IB Labs

IB Labs, one of the fastest growing GRC and ESG Software companies, delivers agility through a real composable applications platform and enables executives to speed delivery at lower costs

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