iBASEt: Process Control to Simplify Complex Manufacturing

Ladeira Poonian, CEO
In the present aerospace and manufacturing landscape, analyzing and gathering metrics is not a spectacular opulence, but it is an inevitable need for organizations. This industry is posed to challenges that revolve around increased regulations, widespread and intricate supply chains, and retiring workforce issues, affecting profitability. Many companies are scrutinizing for areas to reduce costs while enhancing the efficiency and maximizing product innovation. Owing to this need, iBASEt solutions reinstates many disparate shop floor and supply chain solutions, namely manual paper and email processes—with one integrated suite of software systems, Solumina to synchronize data and bring collaboration between teams. iBASEt’s efficacious out-of-the-box solutions deliver real-time information and process control to simplify complex manufacturing right from planning, process, and inspection to the shop floor and supply chain execution. “We streamline multiplex manufacturing strategies to enable faster time-to-market for improved product with high levels of quality and compliance,” says Ladeira Poonian, CEO of iBASEt.

The Foothill Ranch, CA based firm’s Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and quality management software systems gives customers the control to examine each aspect of quality production, and compliance efficiency. Solumina’s MES solution coherently consolidates engineering, supplier management, process execution, quality management, and after-market service in a single software suite that sets a new niche in MES performance. Moreover, the iBASEt Solumina suite of applications offers a complete shop floor to top floor manufacturing visibility, continuous product and process improvement, and effectual compliance allowing enterprises to deliver product innovation to the market much quicker and efficiently. This Suite revolutionizes the complex manufacturers using MES strategies to deliver world-class solutions across a wide spectrum of defense, aerospace, industrial, medical products, and nuclear industries. “We have to be out there in the market and keep looking for innovative ways to do task better,” says Ladeira.

We have to be out there in the market and keep looking for innovative ways to do task better

Furthermore, Solumina MES solution aids the aerospace and defense manufacturers to solve a number of requirements ranging from specific Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) compliance to AS9100 regulatory standards including AS9102, AS9131 and AS9121. According to Ladeira, iBASEt has constantly expanded the scope of its key product since its inception and has added quality control, tracking of maintenance work and monitoring of suppliers to that core.

eBASEt’s Solumina MES dynamically helps operators to be more productive in their work and be less dependent on work instructions or waiting on corrections. This work instruction capability enables the DoD users to create their simple work instructions and explanations to a more sophisticated instruction with the use of videos, 3D-model animations, built-in data collections, slideshows, and signature prompts. The instructions are then configured to display speed buttons for the frequently used commands—considered as one of Solumina’s advanced features to minimize errors and build a lean environment. Solumina also generates inspection and audit requirements for the most recent history for a specific part family and for a specific supplier. With the use of Solumina MES, users are informed and alerted in case of any invalid entries, out of compliance tools, non-qualified personnel, and outstanding data collections and measurements outside of the specific control limits.

Forging ahead, iBASEt is working to upgrade Solumina to the Java computer language, to make the system more versatile giving a clear direction for its Solumina paperless manufacturing system. The company will further invest in software product development while providing current employees with more growth possibilities. “Our enhanced operational efficiencies will help us continue to grow and evolve to keep pace with our customer’s needs,” concludes Ladeira.


Foothill Ranch, CA

Ladeira Poonian, CEO

Streamlines complex manufacturing strategies to enable faster time-to-market for improved product with high levels of quality and compliance