IBS America: Solutions For Quality Control And Compliance Management Challenges

CIO Vendor In 2012, IBS AG and IBS America, was acquired by Siemens AG and is now part of the Siemens Industrial Automation Division with direct access to a world-leading provider of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Manufacturer Execution Systems Solutions (MES). It has integrated the experience gained from 30 years of process consulting and over 4,000 installations in its high-performance standard solutions.

IBS America, now IBS America, A Siemens Business, has a proven track record in providing quality compliance solutions across a broad range of industries. The company also offers an impressive array of professional services in support of its product offerings. Over time, IBS solutions has expanded to include environmental, health and safety, and energy compliance elements. It is one of the very few compliance software companies certified to ISO 9001 for the entire product lifecycle—from development, through quality assurance, to support.IBS America solutions include: QSYS – a set of data driven modules addressing Quality Control including APQP, Inspection, SPC, Gage R&R, Supplier Corrective Action and robust reporting
capability. The Compliant Pro offering addresses the people and process elements of Quality and Compliance including Document Management, Audits and Assessments, Risk Management, Environmental Health and Safety, Engineering Change activities, and Training and Competency.

IBS America provides a broad range of professional services in support of their product offerings and client base including Project Management, Training and Consulting for Product Implementation and Subject Matter Experts in the area of quality and regulatory compliance requirements. “Our solutions can be integrated into existing data sources such as SAP, PeopleSoft and various measuring and data acquisition equipment including robotics,” says Michael W. Rennell, CEO of IBS America.

IBS America sets itself apart from the rest of its competitors in scalability, flexibility and versatility. Its system permits organizations to work within a single installed instance. Each location can have its own security, nomenclature and language. The resulting data can provide a single source of truth for business intelligence reporting across the enterprise.
The many industries that comprise the IBS America client base include: automotive, food and beverage, medical device, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, paper, aerospace, and industrial products. It is also the quality management solution provider of choice for some of the best-known companies in the world such as: Goodyear, Bridgestone, Yamaha, Bacardi, Formica, and Lexmark International.
Customers want the agility and flexibility to address the ever-changing regulatory requirements and customer demands across the enterprise. Among the ways that IBS America helps their clients address these issues are: the ability to easily and quickly add, combine and remove organizations and sites from a central location and system; predefined workflows compliant with the most common regulatory requirements; working language preference selectable by user; and excellent business intelligence and reporting capability.

Innovations and further development of the company’s productivity management software suite form an integral part of the company’s strategy

The acquisition of IBS America, by Siemens AG, has opened a vast array of new possibilities for IBS’ clients. They now have the opportunity to take advantage of a cohesive solution that addresses MES and product design life-cycle requirements from concept through design, into manufacturing, quality, test and change management. This will provide the most comprehensive solution set for quality, manufacturing execution and compliance available in the industry today.

IBS America

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