IBS Software: Transformational IT Solution For Air Transportation Industry

Sankalp Saxena, President of Aviation Operations
Technology is reaching new heights and so is the expectation of the aviation industry. Employees in this industry expects to be armed with tools to do their jobs better and management expects to improve financials and enhance efficiency. IBS, headquartered in Trivandrum, India, provides comprehensive, end-to-end IT systems to the global aviation industry covering areas like cargo management, passenger reservations, flight operations, MRO and airport operations.

IBS offers a remarkable range of IT solutions most of which are available as hosted service. It holds the IP rights for 17 large and unique products for the travel, transportation and logistics industry that helps customers facilitate business process innovation, reduce cost of operations, increase revenue and market share, improve customer experience and manage growth. The impressive product line and the company’s track record in delivering application within time and budget with least incidence of disruption to the customer’s operation set the company apart from its competitors. The portfolio of IT services offered by IBS to the aviation industry includes business and technology consulting, independent software testing, application development and maintenance, and managed services.

Founded with a vision to redefine the way the global travel, transportation and logistics industry manage their businesses, IBS’ client base, today, comprises of more than 200 companies including 10 of the 20 largest airlines/ airline group in the world. Qantas Freight, the specialized airfreight division of Qantas Airways, chose IBS’ iCargo to replace the legacy IT system to manage their entire cargo movement world-wide—global cargo sales, reservations and capacity management. Qantas experienced increase in sales and associated revenue from sale of cargo space more efficiently after the implementation of the iCargo system and the portal functionality.

Facilitating business innovations of customers and supporting them through next generation IT systems

The client was also able to achieve increased revenue from previously ill-performing units such as warehousing and import delivery (storage charges) by implementing efficient processes to calculate storage charges replacing the older inefficient practice of manual ad-hoc calculation of storage charge by warehouse counter staff. In addition, the solution enabled Qantas to offer its customers a real time view of the status of freight across the network; access by freight forwarders into their tax invoices and billing information directly; and increased revenue from the mail line of service by becoming USPS compliant.

IBS’ foundation is laid on a simple business strategy which involves helping clients to achieve their business goals by facilitating business innovations and supporting them through next generation IT systems. The company plans to go public in FY 2015 which would be a significant step towards the transformation of the air transportation industry. “Our pursuit to provide the best to our customers will continue beyond this year as we stay committed to making significant investments to broaden the scope of our transformational solutions to the industry. These are exciting yet challenging times as we push ourselves to greater heights. We will continue to stay focused and determined to meet and exceed the expectations of our growing list of stakeholders—customers, employees, investors, industry and the society that we live in,” exclaims Sankalp Saxena, President of the IBS Group.

IBS Software

Trivandrum, India

Sankalp Saxena, President of Aviation Operations

Provides comprehensive, end-to-end IT systems to the global aviation industry.